Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Top 10 Tuesdays (10)

Top 10 Tuesdays
Topic: Top ten books you'd hand to someone who says they don't like to read
 This meme is created by The Broke and the Bookish, anyone can participle telling about their top 10 topic items are.

This is a hard one because depending on what they might or might not like I would suggest different genres bases on the person. I'm not going to give every non-reader the same list of books, I have to be selective or I will fail. 

These are a few books that I have actually suggested to non-readers.

Twilight Saga
My friend: she read it and is completely obsessed with it and now nothing compares to Twilight. I have tried a few other books but it I have yet to succeed.

Harry Potter
For my husband: he finally read bk 1 in the series and it took him 9 months to read. Still working on getting him started on bk 2.

My sister: after with watching Once Upon a Time she has been curious about the original fairytales versions so I have told her to read The Brother's Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson. I'm also giving her some YA (short in length) retold fairytales to read.

A very short list, I know A LOT of readers and I have suggested many books.

What have you suggested to non-readers?



Trish said...

Harry Potter got a lot of people reading, that's for sure!

Alex said...

Hey, a short list is a good thing! Ten can be a lot to think of some weeks- usually I manage 6 and have to look over my bookshelves for inspiration.

Harry Potter is definitely something I'd recommend in a heartbeat, but I'm not a huge fan of Twilight. But I do say to someone who has tried my recommendations, but has had no luck, to try Twilight since it's something I wouldn't recommend.

Tanya Patrice said...

Excellent choices - especially the fairytales! Do you have any recommendations for good YA retold fairytales?

-Ria xo said...

Yay, Harry Potter! And you can never go wrong with fairy tales, great picks.(:

Unknown said...

HP is definitely my first pick.

Here is my list in case you're interested: http://storyloverx.blogspot.com/2012/02/top-ten-tuesday.html

Scoot said...

Great list - and short is just fine. I agree with your suggestions! :)

Andrea @ The Busy Bibliophile said...

I think HP and Twilight got a whole generation of kids to read (and probably lots of parents, too!). Great choices!