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Revolution 19 Review

Revolution 19
By Gregg Rosenblum

Twenty years ago, the robots designed to fight our wars abandoned the battlefields. Then they turned their weapons on us.

Only a few escaped the robot revolution of 2071. Kevin, Nick, and Cass are lucky —they live with their parents in a secret human community in the woods. Then their village is detected and wiped out. Hopeful that other survivors have been captured by bots, the teens risk everything to save the only people they have left in the world—by infiltrating a city controlled by their greatest enemies.

Revolution 19 is a cinematic thriller unlike anything else. With a dynamic cast of characters, this surefire blockbuster has everything teen readers want—action, drama, mystery, and romance. Written by debut novelist Gregg Rosenblum, this gripping story shouldn’t be missed.

What I Liked
This book was such a quick read, it really felt like I flew through it. Things were continually happening throughout the entire book and there wasn't any slow parts. Attacks, survival, fights, running for their lives, hiding, sneaking around, escape, back alley medical procedures and even death. This book really has it all.
I liked this take on robots, it was interesting how they had taken over human protection. Protecting humans against themselves. It would completely suck to be a part of robotics's society, but I guess better that than dead.  
The book rotated through the 3 siblings Nick, Cass and Kevin's point of view through out the story. At times I did get a little confused who's POV we were at, but was quickly resolved. I liked getting each ones take on life and the current crisis they were in.
Cass: The tough artist. The sister. I would have loved more of her character, but what I did read of her I did really enjoy her character.
Kevin: The curious techie. The youngest brother. I also enjoyed his character as well, he had his faults as a young kid, but he really proved himself with it came to tinkering with technology.

Didn't Like
Nick: The oldest brother. He actually annoyed me throughout the book. He is a very brash character that doesn't stop and think before he acts and because of that he gets himself into loads of trouble. But he did provide with some great POVs because of the bad situation he got himself in to.

Worth the read for any male or female who likes robotic dystopian without any romance. The summary says romance, but there is a kiss or two (literally) and some interest, but not anything to categorize it as romance.

January 8, 2012

Revolution 19 trilogy

Would you rather live in the robots society or out in the wilderness?


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