Review Policy

My Book Review Policy
*UPDATE: 9/7/12*
I'm currently not accepting any eBook review request nor many reviews requests in general
I'm pregnant and haven't been reading much lately 
Read my Blogging Hiatus for more info
 I prefer to read physical copies
I now can review eBooks in the Kindle format

Genres I review are:
Fiction, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Romance, YA
If you have something outside of these contact me and provide a description of the book

Review Time Length:
It will take me a maximum of week to read and publish a review. I will publish the review around the release date to help promote interest in the book. If I am on a tight schedule I will contact you to let you know the review will be slightly delayed.

My Reviews:
I will be honest about my reviews and state what I did or didn't like, but I will not be maliciously rude or mean. I respect all writers and the work that they have put into creating their book. I don't give stars on my page just a recommendation to read or not to read. I will also publish my reviews on Goodreads and Library Thing.

If you are a publisher or author and would like me to review a book contact me at:
with "Book Review" in the subject

If you have any other questions please fill free to contact me