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Bitten Review


It's not easy to find a fresh angle for the werewolf theme, but this debut novel from a Canadian writer proves that solid storytelling and confident craftsmanship can rejuvenate one of the hoariest of all horror clich,s. Elena Michaels is a self-described "mutt," a werewolf who left her secretive pack in upstate New York for a life among humans. In the year since she relocated to Toronto, she's embarked on a career as a journalist and begun a pleasingly mundane relationship with a decent man. All this is jeopardized when she agrees to help her old packmates hunt some troublesome mutts who are converting common criminals to werewolves and leaving a trail of conspicuous carnage. Reunited with her former lycanthrope lover and forced into brutally predatory confrontations, Elena finds the call of the wild subtly reasserting itself. Armstrong prepares readers for her tale's twists with several key revisions of werewolf lore the werewolf taint is mostly hereditary, and werewolves can be killed as easily as any human or wolf. Her true achievement, though, is her depiction of werewolf nature in believably human context. Elena's feral sensibility, like her psychological vulnerabilities, seems a natural outgrowth of her abusive childhood, and her relationship with the pack is that of any prodigal child to a close-knit family. The sensuality of Elena's transformations and the viciousness of her kills mesh perfectly with her tough personality. Filled with romance and supernatural intrigue, this book will surely remind readers of Anne Rice's sophisticated refurbishings of the vampire story

What I Liked
I do love different werewolf stories. The werewolf gene is generally inherited and passed on only from father to son, with no female werewolves have ever been born. You can also be bitten, but the chance of surviving from the bite are very slim. If the werewolf in question didn't finish the kill, you would most likely go crazy from the pain of transformation. Our character Elena in Bitten is one of the very few bitten werewolves and the ONLY female werewolf, quite a desired commodity.
Elena Michaels: Elena has had a hard life, filled with tough trials at a young age and dissapointment around ever bend in her life. These hardships have made her strong and tough, not willing to be pushed around or told what to do. She is going to make her own choices in life, good for her. At times she can be too stubborn and shelled up unwilling to communicate when that what is needed the most. I do like Elena's character traits, she is fun, spicy, very tempermental and she has some impressive mood swings. 

A Little Confusion
At first I was so confused and I had no idea what had happened in Elena's life. I kept thinking this should have been the 2nd or 3rd book, it had the feel that she might have been introduced in a previous book by another character. For example you have a series that each book switches POV, you meet character 1 and you also get to meet character 2 and are given some back story, but in book 2 their book you get to learn all the details of their story. I felt I was reading book 2 and missing some trivial back story information. But this was remedied throughout the story, well Elena is also a very private person and not wanting to share her story with every one she meets. As the story unfolds we to also get to learn about her, who bit her, why she was bitten and all the issues she has had in her lifetime. This type of informative reveal suits the characters personality very well, so I can understand why Kelley Armstrong wrote the book this way. Just keep reading and all will be explained in due time.

Have you read her YA series The Darkest Powers? These are both set in the same world, there are minor references (in later books) about the YA books. If you love werewolves, a good does of troubled love and problematic mutts you have got to read this series.  A fast and intriguing read that will keep you turning the pages in anticipation.

Women of the Otherworld
13 books are currently contracted for the series
1) Bitten
2) Stolen
3) Dime Store Magic
4) Industrial Magic
5) Haunted
6) Broken
7) No Humans Involved
8) Personal Demon
9) Living with the Dead
10) Frostbitten
11) Waking the Witch
12) Spell Bound out July 26, 2011

She does have a few Appearances she will be making this year, she is also part of the Smart Chicks Kick It 2.0 tour.

Have you read any of Kelley Armstrong's series?

P.S. I will be reading the rest of the series, but I probably won't be writing a review for them on my blog. I don't want to spoil anything for readers who haven't read the series.


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In My Mailbox #14

Third Place Book Run
IMM #14

IMM is a meme hosted by The Story Siren, anyone can participate telling about what they bought, borrowed or received.

A new to me, new and used bookstore Third Place Books is having their 40% off used books sale this weekend. Of course I had to go. I got a lot of awesome deals, all the books I got were used and most of them were listed around 1/2 price off + an extra 40% off. I couldn't go wrong at all. Of course I went a little crazy, but I got a lot of fantastic books checked off my list!


Trade/Mass Soft Covers
I haven't read this series yet, but she will be making an appearance in Seattle for the Smart Chicks Tour 2.0, naturally being me I have to get her books.

I spent $43, what an amazing deal for my haul. Now I get to fit all of these books on my shelves.
To see my bookshelves check out my recent post

This Weeks Outlook
My Reading List
1) Bitten (currently reading)
2) The Iron Thorn
3) Legacy
4) Stolen
5) Betrayed

I have finished reading Wildefire and hopefully I will be posting my review within a few weeks.

Also don't forget to enter my fantastic contest to win a copy of a signed UK version of Evermore by Alyson Noel. To enter and find out all the details check Here.
To enter into my fellow blogger's contest for a signed copy of Shadowland go Here.

What did you get this week?
Please feel free to leave your IMM link


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My Crammed Bookshelves

My Bookshelves in all their overstuffed glory

My bookshelves as of June 23, 2011
I have had a few requests to see pictures of my bookshelves.
<Bk# S> =  Specific book signed
<TBS>=To Be Signed (Check my signing event tab)
(#)= number of books I have in series
*= I haven't read
L*= I haven't read the Last Book
L#*= I haven't read the Last # of Books

The author's links are to my favorite website Fantastic Fiction. It is the easiest website to find the author's written library, the order of the series, series name and publication dates.

Left Bookcase
Top 2 shelves
Shelf 1
 Jacqueline Carey: 2 Kushiel Trilogies <all S>, Naamah's Trilogy <1&2 S, 3 TBS>, UK edition of Naamah's  Kiss <TBS>, Song of Love & Death anthology <TBS>, Sundering Duology <S>, Banewreaker  <S> and Godslayer <S>, ARC of Santa Olivia <S>, Santa Olivia <S>
Shelf 2
Jean M. Auel: Children of the Earth series <all 6 S>
Stephanie Meyer: Twilight Saga, Graphic Novel, Host
Tolkien Trilogy is behind the Vampire wine

Left Book Shelf
Bottom 3 Shelves
 Shelf 3
Harry Potter (7) 
Shana Abe: Treasure Keeper*, The Smoke Thief*, The Last Mermaid
Cherry Adair: Black Magic <S>, Under Tow <S>*, Hush <S>
Sarah Addison Allen: Garden Spells, Sugar Queen, The Girl Who Chases the Moon, The Peach Keeper
Ilona Andrews: Magic Bites <S>, Magic Burns <S>, Magic Strikes <S>, Magic Bleeds <S>, On the Edge <S>, Bayou Moon, Dark and Storm Knights Anthology, Must Love Hell Hounds <S> 
Shelf 4
Alex Archer: Rouge Angel (volume 1)
Kelley Armstrong: Women of the Underworld (12)*
Keri Arthur: Riley Jenson series (9) L*, Destiny Kills
Anya Bast: Cruel Enchantment*
Patricia Briggs: Mercy Thompson series <all S>, Alpha and Omega series <3 signed>, 2 graphic novels <S>
Shelf 5
Patricia Briggs: Siamin series (4)*, Hurog (4)*, Hob Bargin*, Raven Duology*
Orson Scott Card: Enchantment
Susan Carroll: Cheney of Faire Isle (5), St. Leger Legacy, Winterbourne*
PC Cast: The Goddess Divine (7), Partholon (2)*, Divine (3)*, The Avengers*

Center Bookcase
Top 2 Shelves
 Shelf 1
Kendra Leigh Castle: MacInnes Werewolves Trilogy, Renegade Angel, Dark Awakening <ARC S>
Karen Chance: Cassie Palmer (5) <Bk 5 S> L*, Dorina Basarab Dhamphir (2) L*
Annaliese Evans: Night's Rose, The Prince of Frogs*
Mary Margret Daughtridge: Sealed Forever ARC*
Collette Gale: Unmasqued: An Erotic Novel of Phantom of the Opera*
Yasmine Galenorn: Sisters of the Moon (11) <all S>, Night Myst <S>, Chintz n' China (4) <S>*
Emily Gee: Thief With No Shadow, Laurentine Spy*
Lydia Joyce: The Veil of Night
Regan Hastings: Visions of Magic*
Nancy Holder: Gifted Trilogy
Mercedes Lackey: Five Hundred Kingdoms (3) L2*
Kristine Grayson: Fates (3) L2*
Mina Hepson: Under the Blood Red Moon (2 copies)
Shelf 2
Jane Lindskold: Through Wolves Eyes (5) L3*
Marjorie M. Liu: Hunter Kiss (3) *
Jenna Maclaine: Cin Craven (3) L*
Richelle Mead: Georgina Kincaide (5)* <4 Bks S>, Storm Born <S>*, Thorn Queen*
Devon Monk: Magic to the Bone*
Helen Hollick: Bring in Close <S>*
Patricia McKillip: 6 random books
Robin McKinney: Rose Daughter, Sunshine
Cherie Priest: Bloodshot <S>, Bloodshot ARC <S>, Dreadnought <S>*, Boneshaker <S>*
Caris Roane: Ascension*

Center Bookcase
Bottom 3 Shelves
 Shelf 3
 Kat Richardson: Graywalker (4) <Bk 2 S>*
Gena Showalter: Atlantis Series (4), Tales of an Extraordinary Girl (2), misc other books (6)*
Carolyn Turgeon: Mermaid*, Godmother*
Jessa Slade: Marked Souls (3) <Bk 3 S>*
Terry Spear: Heart of the Wolf Series (4) L3*
Carrie Vaughn: Kitty Norville series (3), Discord's Apple <S>, After the Golden Age*
Christine Warren: Novels of the Others (3)*
Heather Webber: Lucy Valentine Series (3) L2*
Jaye Wells: Red Headed Stepchild*, The Mage in Black <S>*
Shelf 4
The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance* and Vampire Romance*
Josephine Angelini: Starcrossed, Starcrossed ARC <S>
Kelley Armstrong: Darkest Powers (3) <TBS>, The Gathering <TBS>*
Holly Black: Curse Workers (2) <S>*, Tithe <S>*
PC Cast & Kristin Cast: House of Night Series (7) L2*
Sarah Blakley-Cartwright: Red Riding Hood*
Shelf 5
Ally Condie: Matched <S>*
Cassandra Clare: Mortal Instruments (4) <all S>, Clockwork Angel <S>*
Suzanne Collins: Hunger Games trilogy*
Leah Clifford: A Touch Mortal*
Andrea Cremer: Nightshade*
Melissa de la Cruz: Blue Bloods (5) <TBS> L2*
Leah Cypess: Mistwood*
Kimberly Derting: The Body Finder <S>, Desires of the Dead <S>
Heather Dixon: Entwined*
Sarah Beth Durst: Enchanted Ivy*
Lynne Ewing: Daughter of the Moon Vol 1*
Becca Fitzpatrick: Hush Hush*, Crescendo*

Right Bookcase
Top 2 Shelves
Shelf 1
 Angie Frazier: Everlasting*, The Eternal Sea ARC*
Gayle Forman: If I Stay*
Garcia & Stohl:Beautiful Creatures*
Jessica Day George: Princess of the Midnight Ball
Alison Goodman: Eon, Eona ARC
Kailin Gow: Pulse*, Bitter Frost*
Claudia Gray:  Evernight (3)*
Cynthia Hand: Unearthly <S>
Kim Harrison: Once Dead Twice Shy*, Early to Death Early to Rise*
 Rachel Hawkins: Hex Hall *
Rachel Hawthorne: Dark Guardian (4) L*
Mary Hoffman: Stravaganza series (4) L*
Viguie & Holder: Wicked (5), Crusade <S>*
Mandy Hubbard: Prada & Pride <S>*
Tara Hudson: Hereafter <S>*
Shelf 2
Christine Johnson: Claire de Lune*, Nocturne ARC*
Diane Wynne Jones: Howl's Castle (3) L*, Hexwood*
Sophie Jordan: Firelight*
Julie Kagawa: Iron King*, Iron Queen*
Julia Karr: XVII*
Lauren Kate: Fallen ARC <S>, Fallen <S>, Torment <S>
Kelly Keaton: Darkness Becomes Her <S>*
Sherrilyn Kenyon: Infinity*
Jessi Kirby: Moonglass ARC
Cailtin Kittridge: The Iron Thorn*
Karsten Knight: Wildefire ARC
Rebecca Lim: Mercy ARC
Lesley Livingston: Wondrous Strange Trilogy
Pittacus Lore: I am Number Four*
Annette Curtis-Klause: The Silver Kiss, Blood and Chocolate
Nicole Luiken: Violet Eyes, Silver Eyes

Right Bookcase
Bottom 3 Shelves
Shelf 3
Carolyn MacCullough: Once a Witch*
Gregory Maguire: What the Dickens*
Karen Mahoney: The Iron Witch*
Lisa Mantchev: Eyes Like Stars, Perchance to Dreams <S>
Juliet Marillier: Wildwood Dancing*, Cybele's Secret*
Melissa Mar: Wicked Lovely series (4) < 3 Bks S, 2 TBS> L2*, Desert Tales <TBS>*, Love is Hell <TBS>*
Zoe Marriott: The Swan Kingdom
Robin McKinley: Pegasus*, Dragonhaven*
Richelle Mead: Vampire Academy (6) <S>
Emma Michales: The Thirteenth Chime*
Kirsten Miller: Eternal Ones*
Alexandra Monir: Timeless <S>*
Shelf 4
Alyson Noel: The Immortals (6) <all S> L2*, Radiance <S>*, Shimmer <S>*
Tess Oliver: Camille*
Cindy Pon: Silver Phoenix <S>*
Aprilynne Pike: Laurel series (3) <S>
Amy Plum: Die for Me <S>
Joy Preble: Dreaming Anastasia*
M.J. Putney: Dark Mirror*
Serena Robar: Coby Blanchard Trilogy <S>*
Veronica Roth: Divergent <S>
Ellen Schreiber: Once in a Full Moon <S>, Vampire Kisses (1-3) <S>*
Gena Showalter: Intertwined*
 L.J. Smith: Night World (3 volumes)*
Thomas E. Sniegoski: Fallen (2 volumes)
Lili St. Crow: Strange Angels series (4) <Bk 1 S> L3*
Shelf 5
Laurie Faria Stolarz: Blue is for Nightmare series (4)*
Carrie Vaughn: Voices of Dragons <S>*, Steel*
Nancy Werlin: Impossible*
Suzanne Weyn: Reincarnation
Emily Whitman: Radiant Darkness, Wildwing*
Michelle Zink: Prophecy of the Sisters*
Brenna Yovanoff: The Replacements*
Kiersten White: Paranormalcy*
Re-Told Fairy Tales
Francesca Lia Block: The Rose and the Beast
Cameron Dokey: The Storytellers Daughter, Sunlight and Shadow, Beauty Sleep, Before Midnight, Golden, The World Above, Wild Orchid, Winter's Child, Golden
Nancy Holder: The Rose Bride, Spirited
Donna Jo Napoli: Sirena, Beast, Bound, Hush, Spinners, Zel, The Magic Circle
Alex Flinn: Beastly, A Kiss in Time
Debbie Viguie: Violet Eyes, Midnight Pearls, Scarlet Moon
Suzanne Weyn: The Crimson Thread, The Night Dance

Desk Stack
 Melissa de la Cruz: Witches of East End ARC 
Lesley Livingston: So Silver Bright ARC*
Maureen Johnson: Name of the Star ARC*
Kelley Armstrong: Enthralled anthology <S>ARC*
Christopher Paolini: Eragon I am listening to it on MP3

Overflow Bookcase
The top row and 1/2 are a mix of Wizard of Oz additions, Greek Mythology, Brothers Grimm, Hans Christen Anderson, Fairy Tales I have a few different publications of each author
The last 3 shelves are misc books that I don't want to link

Floor Stack
This is my newest stack, I just re-arranged my shelves earlier today and this is where the stack has currently found a home. More misc books that I  might end up boxing away till I have a new house and my library room (5+ years away).

Gift Stack
Right Stack
Are books that will be gifted. The Patricia Brigg books are signed for my sister.
The Jacqueline Carey books <TBS> for someone, not sure who yet.
Left Stack
Are all signed books. I'm not sure who they are going to yet. They will be a gift to someone.

This post ended up being A LOT longer than what I was intending it would be.

How many bookshelves to you own?


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In My Mailbox #14

A Very Small Week
IMM # 13

IMM is a meme hosted by The Story Siren, anyone can participate telling about what you bought, borrowed or won.

For Review
I participated in a contest hosted on the authors website, well I didn't win the contest but the author passed along my information to her publisher who contacted me and sent me the copy. This was actually a few months ago and I thought maybe the book was stolen, but I guess it was just recently sent out (it is a finished, hardback copy). I can't wait to read this book and the newest cover just got reviled.

I won this book from vvb32 reads it is signed and I got a lot of swag postcards of all her books. I will also be possibly be participating in a blog tour for the books. Helen will be re-releasing the the books since her original publisher went "belly up", she will be self publishing through amazon, they will be available very soon.

I didn't buy anything this week, that is so amazing and sad!

This Weeks Outlook
My Reading List
1) Wildfire
2) Legacy
3) Betrayal
4) Women of the Underworld

My Awesome Contest
Win a signed UK edition of Evermore and lots of swag
ends Tuesday July 5th
for details and to enter go Here
& Jennifer's contest @ Little Shelf Here

Author Contests 1
Do you have a copy of Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini? Well if you don't you really need to get to the store now and get a copy. If you already have one have you participated in The Toga Party? 
What is The Toga Party? 
Well it is Josephine's freaking awesome contest, all you have to do is dress up in a toga while holding the book and send it too her via Facebook.
I participated and here is my entry
For all the official details and rules go to Helen's Necklace Giveaway

Author Contest 2
Author Zoe Marriott is also having a contest with lots of signed books and swag to giveaway.
There will be 3 winners: Grand, second and runner up
for all the official details and rules

What did you get this week?
Please feel free to leave your IMM link, and don't forget to check out all the awesome contests going on this week


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Books on Cd Review

Listening To a Book

This is the first time I have ever listened to a book on Cd, so what did I choose to listen too, Twilight. I have been wanting to read the series again, but I haven't wanted to fit it into my reading schedule. I have so many books that I need to read and I don't have the time to re-read Twilight again. So I figured I would listen to the book while I drive versus listening to the same songs over and over again and having to put up with those annoying commercials. 

By Stephanie Meyer
Read by Ilyana Kadushin
Note: My review is about listening to the book not about the book content

My Review
The Good
1) No commercials: I hate all those stupid advertisements.
2) I Don't have to fit it into my jammed reading list
3) It is still very entertaining

The Bad
1) Since Twilight is completely through Bella's POV, I really don't think the voice match was the best
2) Pronunciation: two words really really drove me nutts
~Bella was pronounced Bel-la with a gap in-between the two syllables making it sound annoyingly choppy. Her name means beautiful and the pronunciation was anything but beautiful.
~Volvo was pronounced Valvo, there is no f****ing A is volvo!! My husband has a volvo so this is probably the reason why it bothered me so much. 

And The Difficulties
Since I wasn't reading the words myself I found that I didn't feel as connected with the characters and I also didn't feel as completely drawn into the Twilight world like I have been before when I was reading it.

In Summary
I think that I can only listen to books I have read before and I am familiar with. I space out too easily, I'm a visual learner not a verbal learner so I do have some difficulties paying attention at times. Even though some things really bug me about the narrator it won't stop me from listening to the rest of the series on Cd. I have just started listening to New Moon in my car, this book is my least favorite of the 4.

I am also listening to Eragon on an MP3 when I walk, I have only seen the movie, but I have been wanting to read the book. So we will see how this book on MP3 goes.

Have you listened to a book? Do you like or dislike it?


Evermore Giveaway

Win a Signed UK edition of Evermore

I got an extra copy while I was at the signing to giveaway. I got a cool UK version of Evermore signed, notice the cool sweeping tails of the letters. Check out my post about the event, also go and check out Jennifer's from Little Shelf's event post.

The giveaway includes:
A signed UK edition of Evermore
A ribbon bookmark (made by me, not pictured)
 And all the cool swag that was on the table

Contest Rules
US only
Ends Tuesday July 5th at Midnight (Pacific Time)
Must be 13 or older
You do not need to be a follower to enter, but if you like my blog....
Leave a comment answering: 
Which is your favorite Immortals cover?
In a separate comment for an extra entry spread the word anywhere (twitter, blog, facebook, goodreads...)
Don't forget to leave contact information

Also go check out Jennifer @ Little Shelf, she is giving away a signed paperback copy of Shadowland

Good Luck


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Alyson Noel Event

Alyson Noel
Signing Event
Portland Oregon
June 9th

This was a pretty awesome event. I loved Alyson, she is so cute and super sweet! I really wish I would have recorded the Q&A part of the event.

She had some flight problems and luggage problems so she ended up being around 20 minutes late. But that was no big deal, it didn't bother me one bit. I was able to sit in the front row, I was there almost 2 hours early for the event. I also got to hang out again with my buddy Jennifer from Little Shelf, we got to chat more with each other.

She did read part of a chapter from Everlasting, but I kinda ignored it since I haven't read the last 2 books and a part did get spoiled, but I won't say what it is just in case you haven't read those two books as well.

A Few Q&A 
(I summarized her answers to the best of my memory)
Will Evermore and Blue Moon ever be published in hardback?
Alyson: I have no say in this what so ever. This is a publishers choice and for a while they were talking about republishing them, but I doubt that ever will happen.
Why is the cover girl in Evermore also the same on the cover of North of Beautiful?
Alyson: This does happen periodically. The model was a stock photo, which is cheaper, the photo was suppose to be taken out of the available options but it wasn't. They also got released on the same day. Once the books made the bestseller list, a specific cover model was used as Ever. The spines all have the same look and will stay the same.
Is there a movie deal?
Alyson: All 10 books have been bought (including the 4 Riley books)

 Alyson Noel and I

 Alyson signing books

 Stocking her books with lots of awesome swag

  My stack of books I got signed

Yay for book signings, I love meeting new authors!!!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Naamah's Blessing Review

Naaham's Blessing

Returning to Terre d'Ange, Moirin finds the royal family broken. Wracked by unrelenting grief at the loss of his wife, Queen Jehanne, King Daniel is unable to rule. Prince Thierry, leading an expedition to explore the deadly jungles of Terra Nova, is halfway across the world. And three year old Desirée is a vision of her mother: tempestuous, intelligent, and fiery, but desperately lonely, and a vulnerable pawn in a game of shifting political allegiances.

As tensions mount, King Daniel asks that Moirin become Desirée's oath-sworn protector. Navigating the intricate political landscape of the Court proves a difficult challenge, and when dire news arrives from overseas, the spirit of Queen Jehanne visits Moirin in a dream and bids her undertake an impossible quest.

Another specter from the past also haunts Moirin. Travelling with Thierry in the New World is Raphael de Mereliot, her manipulative former lover. Years ago, Raphael forced her to help him summon fallen angels in the hopes of acquiring mystical gifts and knowledge. It was a disastrous effort that nearly killed them, and Moirin must finally bear the costs of those bitter mistakes.

A Note About This Series
Before I get to my review of this book I wanted to talk a little about this whole entire D'Angeline series.
The journey first started with Kushiel's Dart and the divinely touched masochistic courtesan heroine named Phedre no Delaunay and her unfailing protective companion Joscelin Verreuil. Phedre and Joscelin took us through 3 books filled with adventure, betrayal, pain and most of all unfailing love. In the second trilogy we were introduced to our beloved character's adoptive son Imriel no Montreve de la Courcel and his journey of growth under the shame of his treasonous parents. We journey with him through his heart breaks and desires to be good and not be his mother's son. And at last we come to the conclusion of the 3rd trilogy generations later to follow Moirin of the Maghuinm Dhon and the path that her diahn-anam to even further more treacherous corners of the world.
If you have never picked up this series I highly recommend you do so. This is my number one most recommended series to everyone. These book are so beautiful in so many ways, I love the D'Angeline culture, their gods and their precept "Love as thou wilt". The characters I have come to love so much and I am so sad to say good bye to them, knowing that their might not be any more new D'Angeline heros or heroines, it makes me very sad.

My Review
This is going to be hard, this book is so huge and contains so much. So I will probably be a little vague and short for people who haven't read the series, I don't want to soil anything for the readers. 
What I Loved
Moirin: I saw her grow and make foolish mistakes throughout her young adult life and in this book she is righting all her wrongs and fixing everything. Through the hard and treacherous journey through an unknown land she keeps her head held high and doesn't let anyone persuade her from what she has to do. She learns from her mistakes and keeps on trekking no matter what, and I love this about her. She has a heart of gold and willing to forgive even the worst offense. Moirin is a clever top class heroine that doesn't fail those who are counting on her the most. 
Moirin has to go to the new world Terra Nova (aka South America) to find the lost rightful heir to the throne of Terra d'Ange. She has a long and perilous journey fraught with danger and death ahead of her. Along the way she gains new friends and allies and saves her companions many times over. 

I don't know what else to say without giving any spoilers for the books. Like I said earlier this book is epic and a it picks up right where Naamah's Curse left off.  

What I Didn't Like
An end, no more new books (possibly). Jacqueline doesn't know if there will be anymore, currently this is the final book and a goodbye to this beautiful world, but their is the possibly the muses could bring her back. I am rooting for this. 

Read this series if you haven't read them. Start with the 1st book in the 1st trilogy and finish with this one. I do recommend taking a break between the books, they can be very overwhelming if you try to read them all one after another.

Release Date
June 28th 2011
Amazon / Borders / B&N

Kushiel's Legacy
Trilogy 1: Phedre
1) Kushiel's Dart
2) Kushiel's Choosen
3) Kushiel's Avatar
Trilogy 2: Imriel
4) Kushiel's Scion
5) Kushiel's Justice
6) Kushiel's Mercy
Trilogy 3: Moirin
7) Naamah's Kiss
8) Naamah's Curse
9) Naamah's Blessing
Don't forget you can also read Phedre mentor's tragic starcrossed lovers story in the anthology titled Songs of Love & Death
Other Works  
A tragic duology called The Sundering
Her newest series
Santa Olivia
Saints Astray out November 22, 2011

Signing Events
She will be having a tour for the book, check the left side bar for locations and dates
I will be seeing her in Seattle and this will be my 4th time seeing her, it is an annual tradition with my cousin. 
You can also buy signed copies of the book from The Signed Page, so if you can't make her event and want a signed book go and check the page out.

Love as Thou Wilt


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Witches of East End Review

Witches of East End

From the author of the highly addictive and bestselling Blue Bloods series, with almost 3 million copies sold, comes a new novel, Melissa de la Cruz's first for adults, featuring a family of formidable and beguiling witches.

The three Beauchamp women--Joanna and her daughters Freya and Ingrid--live in North Hampton, out on the tip of Long Island. Their beautiful, mist-shrouded town seems almost stuck in time, and all three women lead seemingly quiet, uneventful existences. But they are harboring a mighty secret--they are powerful witches banned from using their magic. Joanna can resurrect people from the dead and heal the most serious of injuries. Ingrid, her bookish daughter, has the ability to predict the future and weave knots that can solve anything from infertility to infidelity. And finally, there's Freya, the wild child, who has a charm or a potion that can cure most any heartache.

For centuries, all three women have been forced to suppress their abilities. But then Freya, who is about to get married to the wealthy and mysterious Bran Gardiner, finds that her increasingly complicated romantic life makes it more difficult than ever to hide her secret. Soon Ingrid and Joanna confront similar dilemmas, and the Beauchamp women realize they can no longer conceal their true selves. They unearth their wands from the attic, dust off their broomsticks, and begin casting spells on the townspeople. It all seems like a bit of good-natured, innocent magic, but then mysterious, violent attacks begin to plague the town. When a young girl disappears over the Fourth of July weekend, they realize it's time to uncover who and what dark forces are working against them.

With a brand-new cast of characters, a fascinating and fresh world to discover, and a few surprise appearances from some of the Blue Blood fan favorites, this is a page-turning, deliciously fun, magical summer read fraught with love affairs, witchcraft, and an unforgettable battle between good and evil.

3 POV's
The book switches between 3 different characters point of view, Joanna the mother, Ingrid the oldest daughter and Freya the youngest daughter. Each chapter was around 7 pages make the book fly by and really hard to put down. Many times the chapter ended with a gasp and you would have to wait a few chapters till it got back to that characters POV. 
Joanna: A mother many times over, since she is immortal she will birth the sisters again if and when they are killed. Poor woman is very lonely and regretting a few irrational decisions she made in the past.
Ingrid: She is a strict librarian, always collecting fines and giving harsh lectures about treating book properly and not doggy ear-ing the pages or breaking the spine. I personally like Ingrid the most out of the 3 characters, she is the level headed sensible one.
Freya: A very entertaining character, she loves to love. Love is free flowing and handed out freely, but this does start to get her into trouble.

Mythology of the World
This book actually took me the whole book to figure out this world's setting and parameters. If you have read her other series The Blue Bloods, you will understand some of this world for they are in the same world. A character from the Blue Bloods novel even makes an appearance.
A Few Clarifications
The witches are forbidden to practice any sort of magic
They are immortal and if they die they are reborn
Each witch will specialize in their own type of magic: resurrection, fixing knots, and love potions 
They can fly on brooms, forbidden as well
Greek and Norse Mythology and some Witch History
Some Greek mythology is introduced into the book, a bit more Norse (which I know very little of, so I think I now need to read more into it) and even some Salem witch trail history is woven into the story.

Not Another Cliffhanger
The end was fairly well summed up. Most of the loose ends for  the story were closed and brought to a conclusion, but at the every end there is an accusing sentence that really threw me for a loop. I don't know what character to trust, who is lying and manipulating and who the innocence character is? I guess I now have to wait again.

Adult paranormal series, if you have read Melissa's other series you should check out this series as well. But if you haven't read it, don't worry it still is separate from the series. Fast paced read, I read it in one sitting.

June 21, 2011

I have not a clue how long this series will be
If you haven't read the Blue Blood series I suggest you check it out
1) Blue Bloods
2) Masquerade
3) Revelations
4) Van Alen Legacy
4.5) Keys to Repository (short stories)
5) Misguided Angel
5.5) Bloody Valentine (short stories)
6) Lost in Time September 27th
7) Final book Fall 2012
A new spin off series from Blue Bloods
Wolf Pact Fall 2012
She will be at a few different CA locations this month and next month
Check out her Events page
The most exiting thing is I will get to meet her in Seattle in October
She will be at a few locations for the Smart Chicks Kick It 2.0 Tour

Sunday, June 12, 2011

In My Mailbox #13

IMM #13
 IMM is a meme hosted by The Story Siren, anyone can participate telling what you tell about the books you bought, received or borrowed. 

Bought Adult
Hexed Anthology with two of my favorite authors Yasmine Galenorn and Ilona Andrews

Bought YA
Left: Hereafter by Tara Hudson
The only author I didn't get to read before the signing
Center: Illusions by Aprilynne Pike (which I just noticed I didn't get this week, I got it signed this week, but I didn't buy it this week, ooops)
Right: Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini
She does have a contest going on at her blog, go and check it out

For Review
from Library Thing and the publisher
The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson

Enthralled Anthology (signed) with swag bookmarks
So awesome, thanks Kelley.

The Swag I Received
This is all the swag I got from both the Dark Days of Summer tour and Alyson Noel's event. A lot of tattoos!! Check out my post of the Dark Days event, Alyson Noel's event post to come later this week.

This Weeks Outlook
Books To Read 1st
1) Witches of East End
2) Naamah's Blessing
3) Betrayal

What did you get this week?
Leave a link to your IMM posting


Dark Days of Summer Event

Dark Days of Summer Event
in Portland Oregon


I was waiting for this event for months and I am so happy that I took the 3 hour trip down with my friend. This event didn't disappoint at all. Well I only wish that Josephine Angelini had been at this event location, that is the only thing that would be made it even better.

From left to right

 Amy Plum, Me and Tara Hudson

 Aprilynne Pike, Me and Veronica Roth

My friend Candie

Many of the questions asked can also be found searching through their websites under the Q&A section. Number of books in the series, when will the next book be published and some other like those.

The now popular "Are your books being optioned for movies yet?" (Answers are summarized)
Aprilynne stated that Disney (? or summit) has bought the rights to the movie and they are currently in the process of rewriting the script. Which is a big deal in the production world.
Veronica's book rights were bought by summit

"If you could pick an ideal cast who would you choose?"
Amy: I would like them to be unknown french actors
Aprilynne: If  AnnaSophia Robb was a little younger she has the best look and she is a fantastic actress
Ellen: Would like a young Johnny Depp, since that is who she based her characters looks off of
Veronica: Also wants a young Johnny Depp to play Four

All the questions were answered by each author, unless a specific question was asked to a particular one. I just couldn't remember all of the answers. I guess I should have recorded it, maybe next time I will.

On this trip I got to meet my fellow blogger Jennifer from Little Shelf and she is so awesome! It was great to finally meet another blogger in person. 
You should check out her posting on this event as well. Her photos are much better than mine, she has a much better camera. Also the huge window made it really hard to take good photos.

This is the stack of books I brought with me to go get signed. Divergent, Hereafter, Spells, Illusions and Die for Me are all my copies, the other 2 Die For Me are gifts and the top 2 wings and spells are my sister's copies.

The day after this event I went to Alyson Noel's book signing. I will be posting about this event a little later. I'm behind on my blogging.

I love multi author book events