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A Passion for Books
I guess I will state the obvious first, I love to read. I enjoy the imagination, talent, work and passion that goes into creating such an amazing piece of art. I love seeing a beautiful cover, feeling the pages beneath my fingers and falling into a world filled with magic, mystery, love and action.

I live near Seattle, WA and if you have read the Twilight series, Yasmine Galenorn's The Otherworld Series, Kimberly Derting's The Body Finder and many others you will hear them tell about constant rain, the green trees, paranormal hot spots and coffee shops galore. And I will tell you rain makes for good reading weather and oh boy do we have a lot.

Quote from the book 'Bloodshot' by Cherie Priest
"In Seattle, if you let the weather keep you from going about your business, you'll never leave the house"
If you choose not to leave the house there are many good books to read!

In all honesty I appreciate the rain. Rain=lots of beautiful green trees and I love woods and green. I didn't like Vegas for that reason, there are no green trees, grass or bushes there and it made me very sad.

I also LOVE to go to book signings. If a book signing is being featured in my area and I have always been curious about the authors books I will get the book, read them and then attend the signing. With some authors I have even requested days off to attend the event. I try to get friends to go along with me and I have shoved a few books into other hands saying "read this and come to the book signing with me". So if you are reader within the Seattle area and love to go to signings we just might have to attend together :) My favorite place to go to signings are at The University Bookstore they have a great list of events and they do ship signed copies of books, not sure if they ship internationally though. Richelle Mead signs there all the time since she is a local author.

I also love re-told fairy tales. Any new and different twist that an author will put on the classics I just love! Donna Jo Napoli, Cameron Dokey, Debbie Viguie, Robin McKinley, The Once Upon a Time books are all so great.

Why I Blog
I started this blog so I can tell people about the books I read, the books I like, the books I'm waiting for, any info on the series that I can dig up and to give a little to people who don't get to go to book signings. Being in Seattle I get pretty lucky with some authors. So occasionally I will have signed stuff given out.

I would love to hear from you as well. Are my book reviews books you have read, curious about, not curious about, can't wait to get? Please share and comment when you want.

My Photography
The newest addition to enrich of my personal life and my blog. I am taking continuing education course through my local community college, which are very reasonably priced and the teacher is awesome. As of November 2011 for an early christmas gift from my husband I got me a new camera, a Canon 60D and I am completely in love with it. I have fun taking pictures of random stuff, but I'll still working on gaining comfort with taking portraits. 

As practice I will be taking weekly photos of books in a creative way called Bookography. This will help me to see the same thing, a book and force myself to view it different and creative way.

Other Non Book Related Info
I love to play soccer for fun. I have been playing since I was 10 (although a late starter compared to others). I met my husband playing against him and he didn't like playing against me at all! I maybe small but I am a force to be reckoned with on the field.

My favorite class of all times was Greek Mythology, greatest class ever!

I have a Corgi named Roxy and she is a little attention whore, but super sweet

I hate the crunch of onions, I can only eat them when they are super sauteed

My favorite colors are blue (always have liked) and red (it looks good on me :) )

The year 2011 makes me a quarter of a century old and it is my golden year, so I am ready to shine and I hope you are ready for me as well

I hope you enjoy my blog and please come visit again.



Unknown said...

I love Greek Mythology! and I'm not much of a fan of the rain, but I would make an exception for Seattle

twitter said...

If you love Greek Mythology, I'd really recommend you read Abandon by Meg Cabot. It's a take on the Hades and Persephone myth.