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Naamah's Blessing Review

Naaham's Blessing

Returning to Terre d'Ange, Moirin finds the royal family broken. Wracked by unrelenting grief at the loss of his wife, Queen Jehanne, King Daniel is unable to rule. Prince Thierry, leading an expedition to explore the deadly jungles of Terra Nova, is halfway across the world. And three year old Desirée is a vision of her mother: tempestuous, intelligent, and fiery, but desperately lonely, and a vulnerable pawn in a game of shifting political allegiances.

As tensions mount, King Daniel asks that Moirin become Desirée's oath-sworn protector. Navigating the intricate political landscape of the Court proves a difficult challenge, and when dire news arrives from overseas, the spirit of Queen Jehanne visits Moirin in a dream and bids her undertake an impossible quest.

Another specter from the past also haunts Moirin. Travelling with Thierry in the New World is Raphael de Mereliot, her manipulative former lover. Years ago, Raphael forced her to help him summon fallen angels in the hopes of acquiring mystical gifts and knowledge. It was a disastrous effort that nearly killed them, and Moirin must finally bear the costs of those bitter mistakes.

A Note About This Series
Before I get to my review of this book I wanted to talk a little about this whole entire D'Angeline series.
The journey first started with Kushiel's Dart and the divinely touched masochistic courtesan heroine named Phedre no Delaunay and her unfailing protective companion Joscelin Verreuil. Phedre and Joscelin took us through 3 books filled with adventure, betrayal, pain and most of all unfailing love. In the second trilogy we were introduced to our beloved character's adoptive son Imriel no Montreve de la Courcel and his journey of growth under the shame of his treasonous parents. We journey with him through his heart breaks and desires to be good and not be his mother's son. And at last we come to the conclusion of the 3rd trilogy generations later to follow Moirin of the Maghuinm Dhon and the path that her diahn-anam to even further more treacherous corners of the world.
If you have never picked up this series I highly recommend you do so. This is my number one most recommended series to everyone. These book are so beautiful in so many ways, I love the D'Angeline culture, their gods and their precept "Love as thou wilt". The characters I have come to love so much and I am so sad to say good bye to them, knowing that their might not be any more new D'Angeline heros or heroines, it makes me very sad.

My Review
This is going to be hard, this book is so huge and contains so much. So I will probably be a little vague and short for people who haven't read the series, I don't want to soil anything for the readers. 
What I Loved
Moirin: I saw her grow and make foolish mistakes throughout her young adult life and in this book she is righting all her wrongs and fixing everything. Through the hard and treacherous journey through an unknown land she keeps her head held high and doesn't let anyone persuade her from what she has to do. She learns from her mistakes and keeps on trekking no matter what, and I love this about her. She has a heart of gold and willing to forgive even the worst offense. Moirin is a clever top class heroine that doesn't fail those who are counting on her the most. 
Moirin has to go to the new world Terra Nova (aka South America) to find the lost rightful heir to the throne of Terra d'Ange. She has a long and perilous journey fraught with danger and death ahead of her. Along the way she gains new friends and allies and saves her companions many times over. 

I don't know what else to say without giving any spoilers for the books. Like I said earlier this book is epic and a it picks up right where Naamah's Curse left off.  

What I Didn't Like
An end, no more new books (possibly). Jacqueline doesn't know if there will be anymore, currently this is the final book and a goodbye to this beautiful world, but their is the possibly the muses could bring her back. I am rooting for this. 

Read this series if you haven't read them. Start with the 1st book in the 1st trilogy and finish with this one. I do recommend taking a break between the books, they can be very overwhelming if you try to read them all one after another.

Release Date
June 28th 2011
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Kushiel's Legacy
Trilogy 1: Phedre
1) Kushiel's Dart
2) Kushiel's Choosen
3) Kushiel's Avatar
Trilogy 2: Imriel
4) Kushiel's Scion
5) Kushiel's Justice
6) Kushiel's Mercy
Trilogy 3: Moirin
7) Naamah's Kiss
8) Naamah's Curse
9) Naamah's Blessing
Don't forget you can also read Phedre mentor's tragic starcrossed lovers story in the anthology titled Songs of Love & Death
Other Works  
A tragic duology called The Sundering
Her newest series
Santa Olivia
Saints Astray out November 22, 2011

Signing Events
She will be having a tour for the book, check the left side bar for locations and dates
I will be seeing her in Seattle and this will be my 4th time seeing her, it is an annual tradition with my cousin. 
You can also buy signed copies of the book from The Signed Page, so if you can't make her event and want a signed book go and check the page out.

Love as Thou Wilt


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