Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bookography (43)

Bookography is a fun new way to share the beauty of books with photography. Take a picture with the book being the focus or inspiration and share the picture(s) you have created for the week.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by The Brothers Grimm

 Snow White

I really couldn't decide which angle I liked the best out of these ones. Post processing was simple, turning the photos into B&W and adding some fill light to the photo. I was having some issues with my flash and it was blowing out the photos.

Which one is your favorite?

If you would like to participate please do. I will post my Bookography post each week on Wednesdays. I would love if you would link back to my blog and share your own link in the comments.
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1 comment:

Alba said...

O_O I love them!!!
Though I think I love more the first and the third one :D

I LOVE the position of the apples in the first one!!
You're a genius!