Saturday, November 10, 2012

Vortex Review

Vortex (Cutter Cay, #3)
Cherry Adair plunges into a world of high-sea adventure and romance, where a long-lost treasure is a deadly lure—and love is the most dangerous current of all…

Searching for a sunken ship off the coast of Peru, treasure hunter Logan Cutter manages to pull a very different kind of prize from the sea — beautiful mystery woman Daniela Rosada. Dani claims she has no memory of how she ended up lost at sea. But with millions of dollars in treasure at stake, Logan suspects she's not telling him the truth...and he's right.

Dani has good cause to hide the facts from Logan. If he knew her real reason for being onboard his ship, he'd throw her back overboard in a heartbeat. But the closer they get, the deeper she falls for him - and the more he lowers his own powerful defenses. Little do they both know that by falling in love, they've set a course for disaster...

What I Loved
This is the third book in the series, but they are individually written enough that they don't necessarily need to be read in order. I enjoy series that have siblings and each books we get their story and their love affair.
Daniela: First off I want to say that I love her name, why do I love it? Well this is my sister's name and it is spelled the same way as well, it isn't a very common name and love seeing it in a book. I also do love her character as well, she is strong, resilient and a survivor. I like that she continually tries to fight back even when the odds are completely stacked against her.
Logan: The oldest Cutter brother with magnificent blue eyes and we finally get to know Logan or Wolf as he is also known as. I love his character, I think he might be my favorite brother out of the three so far. I like that he is the strong quiet type of guy. He is sexy as hell, but he has a great sense of duty, trust and honesty that I really like about him. 
Once again Cherry has delivered a hot, steamy, sexy romance tension with action, fighting and killing. Neither the romance nor the action disappoint at any moment in the book.    

Didn't Like
Well . . . nothing really. Enjoyed and loved it all.

A must read for romanctic suspense readers. Even though there isn't a paranormal element (my favorite) in the book it still was a fantastic pleasure read. 

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Kristin said...

I'm not normally a huge romantic suspense reader but this does sound good.
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