Saturday, May 19, 2012

Stacking The Shelves #1

Stacking The Shelves #1
Two weeks worth of books
Hosted by Tynga's Reviews
It's all about sharing what books you got for the week.

For Review
I love everything by Kendra, she is one of my favorite paranormal romance authors and she sent me a review copy of the next book. Thanks Kendra. Already finished it and I loved it!

Part of the Fierce Reads Tour that I will be attending on June 9th, so excited for this event

Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
Part of the Fierce Reads Tour that I will be attending on June 9th, so excited for this event

Cold Fury by T.M. Goeglein
I won this from Library Things monthly member giveaway, thanks to both LT and Penguin

Sailor Moon Vol 2 & Vol 3
 Adding to my collection
She is a local author and will be with the ladies at Seattle's Fierce Reads stop


Weekly Recap

My Reviews


Tahereh Mafi, Kimberly Derting, Veronica Rossi, Cynthia Hand

Reading Pile
1) Shadow Rising
2) Monument 14
3) Night Seeker
4) Cold Fury
5) Hearts of Darkness

What books did you add to your stacks this week?



JC Jones said...

Shadow Rising looks great. NetGalley is my downfall and like you I try to stay away. Then I see a book someone else has gotten and I go over and request it. Thanks for visiting.

The Norwegian BookGirl said...

Shadow and Bone is on my wishlist : :) You have a bautiful blog!

Marlene @ Reading Reality said...

Shadow Rising, OMG I love that series. I read the first two and I want that book. Now I go stalk NetGalley and it's all your fault!

Thanks for stopping by my STS

Unknown said...

I read Shadow & Bone... it was good, but I expected more. I hope you enjoy it though. :D

Jennifer @ The Book Nympho said...

Interesting mix of books. I've not heard of any of these. Enjoy.

Merin said...

I also have Monument 14 and Shadow and Bone to read (again, thanks to my inability to stay off NetGalley!), and am really looking forward to both of them. Great haul this week. Happy Reading! :)

Cassie Frye said...

OMG! I am SO JEALOUS you have Shadow and Bone. I need that book in my life. Right now. LOL.

Enjoy your books!

Thanks for stopping by my Stacking the Shelves

Lulu (The Bookworm is Here!) said...

Wowza! You got some good books :) I'm so jealous of Monument 14... want to read that so bad! I hope you enjoy all your books and thanks for stopping by my blog!

~Sara @ Just Another Story said...

I have heard that Shadow and Bone is really good. I can't wait to read it. I hope you like it. I also have heard good things about Monument 14-I'm planning on reading that before to long. Enjoy all your books.

Sara @ Just Another Story

Lee @ Rally the Readers said...

Monument 14 looks excellent; I've got it on my TBR list. Shadow and Bone has a really cool cover.

Thanks for stopping by! New follower. :-)

Anonymous said...

Shadow and Bone looks awesome! I still have to get it. o.O Great haul and happy reading!

Check out myStacking the Shelves!

Anonymous said...

Awesome books! Thanks for stopping by :)

AmburHostyn said...

Ooooh Monument 14 and Cold Fury! :D I can't wait to read both of those! :D Amazing mailbox! I hope that you enjoy all of the awesome books that you got! :D

Happy Reading!
Ambur :)
Burning.x.Impossibly.x.Bright: Stacking the Shelves (1)

Jenni said...

Shadow and Bone & Monument 14 look so good! Enjoy all your goodies!!

Unknown said...

I am jealous beyond belief that you have Cold Fury! I want to get my greedy little hands on it so bad!

Thanks for dropping by my STS!
Renae @ Rolling with the Moments

Farah said...

Great haul! Shadow and Bone looks good. Enjoy your reads ! :D

Fara @ Tumbling In Books

Addie R. said...

Great books this week! I really want to read Cold Fury, Shadow and Bone and Monument 14! Enjoy them all! Thanks for stopping by!

Patricia said...

Gotta love your header! And how awesome is that, Spring Into the Future! I wish I could attend events like that, too! :D

Happy Reading!

Patricia // My Haul/Week

Lauren B said...

Great haul.
Shadow Rising looks really good.
Thanks for stopping by.

Unknown said...

Awesome haul this week! Shadow and Bone, Monument 14, and Cold Fury? They are all the books that I want! It's very lucky of you to attend the Fierce Read tour. I hope you'll enjoy the event and all the amazing read you got! :)

Happy reading, Kristina!

T said...

I've heard good things about Shadow and Bone - very intrigued about that one! Looks like you had a good week all round!

Thanks for stopping by my post!

Elodie said...

Awesome haul Kristine :) !! I can't wait to read Shadow and Bone, it sounds amazing! I look forward to know wha you think of all these books ! Happy reading !
New follower :)!

Flo said...

Great books! I'm really curious about Shadow and Bone... seems an interesting book :) Thanks for stopping by - Flo @ Confessions of a Bored Mind

J.R. (Romancing The Book & Bookish After Dark) said...

YEAH for all those AWESOME titles! i really want to read Cold Fury badly. Happy reading! Hope you'll drop by and check out my StS post for this week :)

Unknown said...

What a great book haul! The Monument 14 book cover looks reaally interesting! Might check that one out :)

See you around and I hope you enjoy all your books!

Unknown said...

Hey i'm a new follower :).

Wow that's an awesome book haul ! I heard good things about Shadow and bone it sounds really unique. I need to buy a copy soon !

I hope you'll like all these books and happy reading !

Unknown said...

I got a copy of Cold Fury from LT this week as well:) And I'm hoping to attend the Fierce Reads Tour on June 16 so I'm anxious to read Shadow and Bone, Monument 14, Of Poseidon and Struck as well:) Great haul:)

Take A Peek in My Mailbox

Sugar and Snark said...

Enjoy Monument 14 :)

The Muggle
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-Your Book Boyfriend – Round 1

Unknown said...

Sooo many amazing books as usual hun!! omggg you went to the Veronica Rossi event!!! ahhh I'm so jealous! haha :). Awesome haul! Thank you for sharing and for stopping by!

Unknown said...

SHadow and Bone's cover looks delish! Enjoy your new reads!


Read Write Reviews said...

Shadow and Bone is excellent! Happy Reading!

My Post!

Unknown said...

OMG I'm so excited to read Shadow and Bone! I'm also going to attend the Fierce Reads Tour but on June 6 :) I hope you have a great time! Check out my shelves:

Crystal @ Elegantly Bound Books

Jasmine Rose said...

I'm so jealous of Monument 14! I've been wanting to read it for AGES :D
I'm totally going to that signing too, but I'll probably only have read two of the books from the tour by then :P
P.S. I replied to your comment on my IMM :]

Jennifer A said...

Lots of books I've never heard of!

Yay for more Sailor Moon! :)

I really like that blue flower picture you did. Pretty neat!

I'm soooooo jealous you go to meet Tahera!!! She's so sweet on twitter. I wish I could have gone to the signing. Hopefully she comes out this way again!

Alba said...

OH MY GOD!!! So cool! Kendra sending her book to you T_T I got The Last Echo just now so I won't be reading Kendra's book until after reading Kim's :D

O_O You got so many books!! Cold Fury T_T and Shadow and Bone T_T Even manga! T_T Enjoy them all!
Thanks for stopping by my blog today :D

ps. Your interview will be up tomorrow on the blog, thought you might be interested :D

Unknown said...

Nice Haul. Thanks for stopping by. New Follower.

Busy Bookblogger said...

Wow! Greats books this week! Shadow and Bone is on my To Read list and I am just about to check out your review of Of Poseidon! Thanks for stopping by the blog and commenting!

Enjoy your books!
Melanie :)