Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spring Into the Future Event Recap

Tahereh Mafi, Veronica Rossi, Cynthia Hand & Kimberly Derting
May 5th 2012 
UW Bookstore in Millcreek

I took a lot of pictures while at the event, I did have a few more, but these were the best ones.

The book displays at the bookstore

This event was so awesome, I loved meeting Tahereh and Veronica for the first time and seeing Cynthia and Kimberly again. The energy of the event was so much fun and very entertaining. 

Talking about their books
 Veronica Rossi & Kimberly Derting

 Cynthia Hand & Tahereh Mafi

The Q&A session
I didn't even try to remember the questions and answers, that would be way too hard with this many authors.  There was lots of good questions asked that all of the girls each answered. 

The Fans
My seat has all the extra crap under it. I got there 45 minutes early to get that seat. Guess who also was there, Daniel Marks debut author of Velveteen, can you see him? 
(3rd row back, black shirt with his head down)

 Getting all prepared for the signing part. Each had some swag to giveaway.

Tahereh and Cynthia pre-signing the posters while Veronica started the signing line


 The girls signing their books

Picture Time

 The girls and I

 The girls and Anna

The girls and Jorge
fellow book lover

 This may seem really random, but this is Tahereh's purse. I saw it when she made her appearance and I just loved it. At the end of the signing I just had to ask her if I could take a picture of it. Too freaking cute!

 All the cool swag we got
Bookmarks for Rossi and Hand (I forgot to add Derting's bookmarks because I got it last week and didn't pick up any this week), a poster signed by all the girls and Tahereh's friend made a specialized necklace for the event. 

 The books I got signed at the event, all have been personalized 

I really loved this event and I hope I will see all of them again when their next books comes out. They were all so sweet and amazing. I will always recommend all of these girls books to everyone that will read them. 

Did you get to meet them at one of their tour stops?

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Ana Lucía said...

*Sigh* You're so lucky!! I need to move there, ASAP! Yeah, I wish.

I've seen Tahereh's purse on other pictures of different events and I ADORE IT!!! Love, love it. So cute and the color is so pretty.

Alba said...

my heart T_T
when I go to the US I think I'll sneak behind my uncle's back and just move to Seattle... *-*
Perfect weather, awesome bookstores, amazing events and KIMBERLY DERTING LIVING THERE?
T_T I'm game! lol You are SO lucky!!

@Ana we definitely need to move there! Let's escape together!

Wow! Kristina!!! So happy you had fun!! >.< and ~gasps~ Grace is SO tall O_O
I'm excited to see what people think of Velveteen and yeap, I've seen Tahereh's bag on some other posts! LOVE IT!

Bookluvr Mindy said...

That's awesome that you had Kimberly Derting there! Glad you had a good time! :D

Bookluvr Mindy said...

OH! I do see Daniel Marks! That's awesome!!!