Monday, April 18, 2011

Cassandra Clare and Holly Black

Cassandra Clare and Holly Black's
Book Signing Event
Thursday 4/14/11
7pm @ Third Place Books

I was hoping to be able to tell a lot about what questions were asked and answered, but I can't really tell too much. The set of for the Reading and Q&A was done on the stage which is located right infront of a little food court and since I was seated near the back (traffic was worse than I thought) I had issues hearing. Almost all the questions answered I couldn't hear and they didn't always repete the question so I could get the gist of what had been answered. But the event was still really up beat and very entertaining. 

The question I do remember is "Why the brother sister relationship, why do that to the readers?"
Anwser because she thought it would be entertaining to do that to the readers. She had also seen this show about a couple that had been married for years and they decided they want to try and have kids. They were going to get some tests done since both of them had been adopted and the test results came back showing that they were brother and sister. Cassandra thought that would be a great idea, but to make a happier ending.

When she was signing my book she asked me what I thought of City of Angels and I said I really enjoyed it, but I can't wait till Clary and Jace get a break, but it does provide some great drama and entertainment. She said that wasn't going to happen till book three. I think she really loves torturing those two!

I brought with me a huge stack of books, what can I say I love getting my library of books signing! The bag was really heavy and I thought it would break but thankfully it didn't.

The signing line was very well organized and fair. If you bought the book there you got a ticket that had an A or B, A's went first than B's and than anyone else who didn't buy the book there. We waited in line for a little over an hour and we couldn't take posted photos only candid.

They also both had a bunch of different swag items. 
Holly Black has the rubber bracelets that you could pick, I got Luck Worker, but this was a jinx for me and did the opposite. Cops do pull over and ticket you for being on your phone at a stop light! 2 postcards and a booklet that has an excerpt of book 3.
Cassandra Clare had a set of postcards that were from Alex while they were on their travels of the world. Also a booklet of the preface of Clockwork Prince, which is what she read for the reading at the beginning.

This was a very fun event and I hope they will come back to Washington for future tours

Were you able to go to the Cassandra Clare & Holly Black's event?



The Lovely Getaway said...

omg! you have an awesome pile of books! so pretty! i went to a similar signing event but had to limit myself to only buying a couple of books! it was SO hard :)haha! great post! it looks like you had a blast!



Interesting :)

Kristina said...

I have gotten to the point where I will get what I want and not limit myself too much, because if I do that is when I really regret it.