Monday, February 17, 2014

Dissected Review


Abandoned by her mother at a young age, seventeen-year-old Sydney Warner is always vying for attention. She's a thrill seeker with a penchant for extreme sports and a fascination with death. 

Withdrawn and broody David from English class is the boy of Syd's dreams, but love soon becomes just another extreme sport when Syd finds out that David has cheated on her. Betrayal, loneliness, and a shard of glass set Syd on a course of self-destruction.

Will new friends and her love of the stars be enough to pick Syd up from rock bottom and guide her to the path of forgiveness and redemption?

What I Liked
It is hard for me to say what I liked about this book. It deals with real life hard emotional problems and situations. This isn't my typical read, but I read Megan Bostic's other book Never Eighteen (another not typical read) and I really enjoyed it. Megan is one of those authors that I will read anything she writes because I know that regardless how opposite it is of my usual reads I'm still going to get sucked into her characters issues and life.
I did like Syd as a character, we get to see her rock bottom low and her eventual understanding of herself and her problems. 

Didn't Like
For me there was no personal connection with the character since I've never emotionally been this low nor do I drink and I've never touched drugs, but that still didn't stop me from cruising through the book.

A good read for those who like troubled, emotional reads.

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