Monday, February 24, 2014

Hell Bent Heaven Sent Review

Hell Bent Heaven Sent

Originally published under the name Isobel Lucas as a miniseries in 2012, Hell Bent Heaven Sent has been reborn under the author's well-known name, Megg Jensen.

A smoking hot daughter of Hell. A blissfully beautiful son of Heaven. Follow their explosive relationship as they attempt to bend the rules of Heaven & Hell, all while saving the world from a demonic invasion.

What I Liked
Good Vs Evil
Usually it is the girl that is from Heaven and she is being tempting by the sexy boy from Hell, but in this story we have a reversal of roles and I like that. Although she does start out seeming like it will be the traditional good girl bad boy but we soon find out that isn't the case. The lines of good and evil aren't as cut and dry as they usually are in most books with this theme and I'm glad for it since this isn't my usual theme I'll pick up to read.
The book was a fast paced and intriguing story. Although the good vs evil end of the world has been done many times I felt it was a different and original version. 

Didn't Like
I'm not the biggest fan of the whole heaven, hell, God stuff, but the story is good enough and it isn't preachy so that I can easily look past it and still enjoy the story. 

Great read for romance lovers, good vs evil and Megg Jensen fans

Was originally published as 5 individual short stories now you can read all of them together in this one book.

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