Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Patrica Brigg's Book Signing

Patricia Brigg's Book Signing

I went to her book signing last night with a friend of mine. It was her first book signing ever, I love taking newbies book signing it is a lot of fun. This is my second time attending Patricia Briggs events at the University Bookstore. She is very energetic, entertaining, super sweet and nice. The event started with her reading from page 12, when Mercy is getting Stefan to get out of the house to go to crazy movie night with her, Warren and Kyle. After the reading was the Q&A many different questions were asked and answers were giving with lots of energy, laughing and fun. 

*We got to learn that her husband is home sick and he would be feeling better had he just listened to her in the first place (typical men), the roof is being re-done while she is on tour, much to her delight! 

*There will be a movie, but she is unable to talk about it. She can only say that they will be doing a mini movie on the Homecoming graphic novel to promote interest.

*There are 9 contracted books in the Mercy Thompson series, so excited at least 3 more books!!! There could be more if we demand more and she has more crazy adventures for Mercy.

*She does base bits and pieces of characters off of some real life people. Zee is truly a grouchy old man mechanic VW that does have a funny side. She doesn't like to base much on real people, because the book shopkeeper was based off a person she knew and she had to call to tell him it wasn't based on him anymore because she was thinking she was going to have to kill him. 

*The cover art for the books she also talked about as well. The tattoos on Mercy's arms and body keep changing with each and every book, but they are themed and foretelling little about what will be in the book. For example, on River Marked the tattoos are all tribal tattoos since the book has a lot of Native American history. She will be meeting the artist for the 1st time at SpoCon this year, which she is super excited about. 

*There is talks about a collection of short stories being put together. She wants to tell about Sam and his mate and others. I hope this will happen!

*That is all I can remember that was talked about. There were a few random things said about other authors like Jim Butcher and we were told to ask him about him being cursed by a witch. I guess it is a really funny story when he tells it, he uses accents and all.

We only waited in line for about 40 minutes, not that bad of a wait, well worth it!

Yes, the 2 bags of hardback book are mine, the stack of paperbacks are my friends though. But to be fair 4 of those are my sisters who wasn't able to make it because she is studying. The other 8 are mine. What can I say I love getting my books signed, at least I didn't bring my WHOLE library of her books, I only brought the Mercy and Alpha & Omega series. Next time maybe I'll bring the other books ;)

It was a great event, very well managed, entertaining and lots of fun. I can't wait till I can go again. I do have my event listing on the right side bar of who I will be seeing next. Yeah for book signings!!

Have you been to any book signings? Do you have a favorite?

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