Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Top 10 Tuesdays (16)

Top 10 Tuesday
Topic: Top Ten Tips For New Bloggers
This meme is created by The Broke and the Bookish, anyone can participle telling about their top 10 topic items are.

1) Almost enjoy reading, it is the reason you started the blog
2) Don't worry about not getting ARCs, eventually the book will be published
3) Manage your reading pile well, read the review books but also mix in your fun choice reads
4) You don't have to review everything you read
5) Be picky about what you accept to review, you can say "No"
6) You don't need to post every day
7) Pick a few memes to participate it, they are fun do to, but don't do them every day
8) Create your own personal review style
9) Make genuine connections with other bloggers, they are a good support group
10) Have fun blogging, don't let it stress you out or take over your life

Many of these are my own goals I have for myself. I want to blog for fun and enjoy the whole blogging experience. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of ARCs and forgot that I have 100+ other books waiting on my shelves to be read and I don't need to add to my huge piles. 

What is your tips for new blogger or old bloggers to remember?



Laura Armstrong said...

I love your list!!!!!!!

You're so relaxed and unstressed about it. There's so many good things to do, but they don't have to be done all the time. I like all your relaxed perspectives on ARCs and reviewing and memes and posting. Stressing about blogging does make it NOT FUN!

And I love your blog name, btw. It's got YOU in it plus BOOKS!!!! It took me awhile to figure out how to connect my name to books - it made sense in my head, but it was hardly obvious. Lol.

Thx for hoppin by my blog! -Burgandy Ice

Rikki said...

I absolutely love no. 2. YES! The hunt for ARC is sometimes totally over the top.

Tanya Patrice said...

Awesome points - especially #1 & 2. Yes, the books will eventually be published. I wish I had put it that way :-)

BookLuvr Mindy said...

WOW! You said it perfectly!!!! Nice work!!!!!!!

Fiktshun said...

I love this list! Though I'm glad I got the ARC for Wolfsbane through a charity auction because I love that cover.

And I totally wish I could remember #4. I feel so guilty when I read something that I don't review. I don't even publicly mention a few of those that I don't because I feel so bad for not writing down my thoughts.

#5 is so important. I totally agree. As a new blogger it's just way too easy to get caught up in the excitement and say yes to everything!

I know everyone says not to do so many memes but I'm still on the fence about my opinion on that. I won't read a blog who has only memes, but if they have a mix of memes and reviews, even if they do 7 memes a week, as long as there are reviews too I don't mind. It's not always easy to come up with original features and some of the memes, like TTT and TGIF are really interesting to participate in. Great topics and great to see what others have to say.

And I'm finally trying to adopt your #10 this year. I have taken more time for myself and without committing to things I actually am having a lot more fun.

Awesome list Kristina!

Natasa @ What Makes YA Beautiful said...

I like how you keep it short and to the point. If I'd seen this format earlier I would definitely have gone with it instead slaving over my TTT post for 2 hours xD Plus I haven't seen these points on other TTTs so kudos for that :)

You have a new follower and thanks for stopping by my blog, btw. :)

manda-rae said...

I love the tip regarding arcs. And mixing review books with 'your-choice' books is definitely something I couldn't not do. And I love your last tip to have fun and not stress. Such a short and precise list!

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