Friday, August 17, 2012

Hearts of Darkness Review

Hearts of Darkness

In the first of a dazzling new romantic trilogy, one woman’s courageous search plunges her into a millennia-old supernatural war—and an irresistible passion…

Nurse Kayla Friday has dedicated her life to science and reason. But for her, Seattle is a place of eerie loss and fragmented, frightening memories. And now the only clue to her sister’s murder reveals a secret battle between two ancient mythologies…and puts Kayla in the sights of lethally-sexy werewolf mercenary Hart. He’ll do whatever it takes to obtain the key to the Gate of the Land of the Dead and free what’s left of his soul. But seducing the determined Kayla is putting them at the mercy of powerful desires neither can control. And as the clock ticks down to hellish catastrophe, the untested bond between Kayla and Hart may lead to the ultimate sacrifice.

What I Loved
Lots of shape shifters and magic that the vast majority of the public doesn't know about.
Love it when books are located in Seattle, my home state. Love being able to say I have been there to that location they are mentioning. Seattle is also the best location due to us being a natural hot spot for paranormal activity. (You can see a picture of mine I took when I went to Gas Works Park, mentioned in the book.)
Fantastic! Perfect amount of romance with an awesome amount of paranormal creatures and happenings. The story was filled with adventure and mystery, never a dull moment in the whole book.
Kayla: She is a fun personality, I really enjoyed her character. She doesn't fall apart easy and stays relatively strong considering what she has to deal with the death of her sister. 
Hart: The social reject, got to love him. He is perfect for Kayla and I adore his weakness he develops around her.

Didn't Like Figuring Out
It took me a chapter or two to figure out what type of paranormal parameters this world has. I didn't read the prequel before I read this one, I do plan on reading it one day. But as any new book goes, I figured it out soon enough.

Fantastic read for those who read and love paranormal romance.

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Cherry said...

After reading your review, I just gotta download the Hearts Of Fire to try this series out... feel it out for myself :)