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Goddess of the Rose Review

Goddess of the Rose

When modern-day Mikki ends up in the strange Realm of the Rose, Hecate has been waiting for her. So too has her gorgeous guardian beast, who soon has Mikki swooning. But to save the realm, Mikki will have to sacrifice her life-giving blood.

What I Loved
Series But An Independent Novel
This is a re-read for me, I love these books so much. What I love the most about these books is they have the same theme, modern woman is needed to help a Greek mythological character god, goddess, event etc. The books are all connected in that aspect but they are their own individual story in one novel, no having to wait years to find out if the pair of lovers ends up together. I love the individual novels at times, it is a nice break from all the long series that you are waiting for to be finished.
A modern version of Beauty and the Beast, but with the Greek goddess Hecate, a modern woman and the fearsome minotaur all rolled into one amazing romantic tale. Oh and you can't forget all the lovely roses and beautiful dreams that pay a major part in the story.
Mikado Empousai aka Mikki (Beauty): All the Goddess Summoning series have the same theme for the female characters 30ish age females that have had experience and knowledge to help them with their trials that they have to face through the story. Mikki is a great character, she isn't physically strong, but mentally she is very capable, loving and caring. 
The Guardian aka the Minotaur aka Asterius (Beast): What to say about him, he is the beast. A fearsome creature to behold, but with a need and desire to be loved by someone. Throughout the book you feel so much sorry for this poor beast, you learn about his ever neglected sad life and you just want to be the one to love him. But he also presents this raw animal strength that Mikki is completely drawn to.
The book does get a bit hot and steamy with the pair.

What I Didn't Like
There is nothing I dodn't like in this book. I completely adore this story, this version of Beauty and the Beast.

Every romantic reader, fantasy addict and retold fairy tale lover has got to read this tale. Even though it is part of the Goddess Summoning series, it is a complete stand alone book. The rest of the series doesn't need to be read before this book. This is the way with all of the books, some of the books will connect a little more but not much. The only connection this book made to any other the other books is that it makes a reference to the pastry shop owned by the the character in The Goddess of Spring.

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Destined out October 25, 2011
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Do you love all versions of Beauty and the Beast?
I do


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