Sunday, July 3, 2011

In My Mailbox #14

 A Few Good Books
IMM #14
IMM is a meme hosted by The Story Siren, anyone can participate telling about what they bought, received or borrowed for the week.

Yay I finally have the book, but I won't be probably reading it till book 4 gets released so I can read both of the book together, but it looks so pretty on my book shelves.
I had received a signed ARC from the author and of course I had to support her new release and buy a finished copy of the book. Loved it and everyone needs to read it My Review 

For a Future Giveaway (soon)
Aimee had one day asked on Twitter if anyone wanted to host a giveaway for GT and I responded within the timeline. Needless to say I am already very jealous of who ever wins this book. I don't have my own copy yet especially not a signed copy.
I'm not sure when I will be hosting this giveaway yet, but it will be happening soon. Stay tuned
Go check out My Review of GT

This Weeks Outlook
 Only 2 more days to enter to win a signed copy of Evermore. For details and to enter go Here

Reading List
1) Betrayal (currently reading)
2) Legacy
3) Dime Store Magic
4) Industrial Magic
5) Iron Thorn

Reviews For Last Week
Bitten by Kelley Armstrong
Stolen by Kelley Armstrong

What did you get this week?
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ComaCalm said...

I loved both The Goddess Test and Passion! Particularly The Goddess Test though, I have no idea why but I could just read that over and over again. You definitely need to get your own copy!

ComaCalm's Corner

Kayla said...

I'll have to keep checking back for the Goddess Test contest!

Kristina said...

Signed copy of The Goddess Test is very cool! I bought Passion a few weeks ago. It looks so good! Enjoy!


Alisa said...

Passion does look beautiful. I haven't read the Fallen series yet, but it sounds like you've enjoyed it :). I haven’t heard much about Dark Awakening, and The Goddess Test sounds good. Happy Reading! (my IMM)

Alisa @ the Novel Nook

Kristina said...

@ComaCalm I loved the Goddess Test, I haven't re-read it yet, but I will for sure.

@Kayla I will have it up within a week or 2

@Kristina I love signed books, they are the freaking greatest!

@Alisa I hope you check into both Dark Awakening and Goddess Test both are very amazing!

Sas (Tea Mouse) said...

I liked The Goddess Test! I hope you enjoy it.

I've got Passion waiting on my shelf as well, so I guess we'll see how that goes. :)

Enjoy your books this week! (:

Chelsey @ Starry Sky Books said...

Passion looks good! I bought it a couple weeks ago but haven't been able to get to it yet. Need to read Torment first. Great IMM!

Maria said...

So lucky I really want to read Passion and Goddess Test! Hope you enjoy them, Happy Reading! :)

Novels On The Run said...

Oh I must get my copy of Passion from Big W, on Wednesday, hubby's payday..hee..hee...he buys me pressies and doesn't even know it. Reminds me must do Torment review..oops!!!

New Follower

Michelle A.

Alicia said...

Very nice IMM this week! I've been wanting to read The Goddess Test for a while now, so will definitely be checking back for that, especially as it's signed!!! :)

Kristin said...

You have a nice list of books that you received this week in your mailbox. The Goddess Test is on my "to read" list, it looks like a really awesome book.
Happy Reading,
Book Sniffers Anonymous

Kristina said...

@Sas So many books on my TBR shelf

@Chelsey I hope you enjoy Torment and get to reading both soon.

@Maria I can't wait to read Passion, but I will be waiting. :(

@Novels On the Run My hubby doesn't get me too many book gift, every now and than he will

@Alicia The Goddess Test is an amazing book

@Kristin It should be bummed up to your currently reading list, it is a must read for everyone.

Kristin said...

I am waiting for the library to get it in. We are in the military and are only allowed so much weight when we move so I rely on the library for books. I wish the library would hurry up and get it in, I have been eying this one since before it was even released.
I wasn't one of the first people to get Tris&Izzie, I saw it popping up all over the place and gave in and decided to give it a try.

Kristin said...

If the library doesn't get it in soon though, I very well might cave and buy it. That is what I did with Dragon Bound. :)

Jennifer A said...

How cool that you got a copy of the Goddess Test to giveaway!

Yay for Passion! I got it last week, but haven't read it yet either. I don't know when I'll be getting around to it! I can't wait to read it, though.

chelleyreads said...

hey kristina! happy 4th of july. you got passion too, that's awesome :) hope you enjoy and happy reading!!


Kristina said...

@Kristin That would be so hard, I love owning books. I hope you get it soon

@Jennifer I'm excited to host a giveaway for it :)

@Chelleyreads Happy reading to you as well.

Moonlight Gleam said...

Love the books you got!!! I really want to read Passion and The Goddess Test!! I waited for Passion to release before reading Torment. Can't wait to hear your thoughts! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

Happy reading!