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Dark Awakening Review

Dark Awakening
Enter the world of the Dark Dynasties . . .

For centuries, shapeshifting vampire Tynan MacGillivray has prowled the night as an outcast, valued only for his ferocious hunting skills. When a feud among the immortals escalates into all-out war, he is ordered by his ruthless queen to locate a Seer-a human woman with a special gift-who can secure victory for their clan. Ty's search leads him to a quiet New England town, but once he has the Seer in his grasp, her touch awakens within him a hunger like he's never known . . .

Lily Quinn has always been different. Since childhood, she's had vivid nightmares and an eerie sixth sense. When a sexy, silver-eyed stranger demands her help, Lily plunges into a new world of danger and sensuality. With Ty, she discovers sizzling passions she cannot deny and powers she cannot control. Soon, it is clear that Lily is much more than a Seer-she holds the key to ancient secrets and unthinkable destruction. But will a vampire's vow of eternal protection stop these evil forces . . . or unleash her dark destiny?

What I Loved
Brooding Bad Boys
Kendra creates the greatest male characters. I have loved every male character she has created in each of her books and I love Tynan MacGillivray just as much. He is the perfect recipe calling for bad childhood memories, rough adult years, barely suppressed rage, loyal to the core and you can't forget bad communication skills. For all those solid cold walls there is a man just wanting to be loved, oh I can't forget to mention he purrs (he is a cat shifting vampire, the lowest caste).
Lily Quinn I really like her character. She isn't physically strong or able to fight, but she stands tall and doesn't let herself get pushed around. She has also built walls around her heart because of her shitty parenting situation.
Never A Dull Moment
The sexual tension between Lily and Tynan is a push pull I want you, but I can't have you. They are continually being attacked and avoiding other groups that would like to use to destroy her abilities.
This vampire structure is very awesome, she takes bits of pieces from different vampire lore. The gods created their own dynasty line of immortals, each line has a different specialty. Each line creates a different mark and some bloodlines are even be mixed. Tynan is of the Cait Sith line, but he is in servitude to the Ptolemy queen.
The Ptolemy
Leader: Queen Arsinoe
Oringin: Ancient Egypt and the goddess Sekhmet
Powers: Lightening Speed

The Cait Sith
Leader: None, considered lowbloods
Origin: Celtic line originating with the fae
Powers: Can take form of a cat (big)

The Dracul
Leader: Vlad Dracul
Origin The goddess Nyx
Powers: Take form of a bat

The Grigori
Leader: Sariel
Origin: Unknown
Abilities: Rumored flight

The Empusae
Leader: Empusa
Origin: The goddess Hecate
Powers: Take the form of smoke

What I Didn't Like
There isn't anything in this book I didn't like. Only that it had to come to an end and I now have to wait for more. 

Anyone who loves vampires and the paranormal romance genre. You should mark you calendars for the release date of this book

June 28, 2011

Dark Dynasties
Book 1: Dark Awakening releases June 28th 2011
Book 2: Midnight Reckoning releases in January 2012
Book 3: Shadow Rising releases in July 2012
Book 4: Untitled releases probably in early 2013

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Yes I have read everything by Kendra and will read everything she publishes. She captured me with Call of the Highland Moon. See my Reviews of her books

What is your favorite type of vampire?


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