Sunday, May 22, 2011

In My Mailbox #10

Something Old, New and Used
IMM #10

IMM is a meme hosted by The Story Siren, anyone can participate telling about what they bought, received or borrowed.

I got all of these books for $5 total. My friend's family clears out foreclosure homes and they find a lot of stuff in there. They had a barn/yard sale of stuff and this is what I got.
3 Nancy Drew Mystery books
The Mystery At the Moss-Covered Mansion
The Secret In The Old Attic
The Haunted Bridge
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
A set of The Enchanted World Series
Water Spirits
The Book of Christmas
Magical Justice
Tales of Terror
Wizards and Witches
Night Creatures
Seekers and Saviours
Legends of Valor
And a Snow White pop-up book. I have no idea how old this actually is because there was no print date.

New Technology (ebooks)
 I won 3 ebooks from G.P. Ching's blog So, Write there were 17 winners total. Check out her blog and book. Thanks to all the authors for the ebooks. My ebook collection is growing.
She gave every winner a copy of her book
This was my choice out of 17 different books
This was 1 of 4 different books to choose from
I have already read this and will be writing a review of this prequal as well as book 1 The Girl in The Steel Corset by Tuesday. 
Currently you can download this prequel from Amazon for free, you got to check it out!

New & Used
If your wondering if you already saw this last week on my IMM posting you are correct. I decided to buy a second copy for my cousin as a graduation present. It will be signed and personalized to her when I give it to her. 
A new version of The 12 Dancing Princesses, I have read at least 3 versions of this tale and I love it, can't wait to read this one. 
I got this book because she was featured on the documentary "The Business of Being Born" since I will be planning to get pregnant in a year I want to educate myself.
I found this at Half Price Books signed and on clearance for only $3. I got book 2 last week at the signing event and now I have book 1

This Weeks Outlook
I will be publishing my review of The Strange Case of Finely Jayne and The Girl In The Steel Corset by Tuesday
Publishing my review of Sirena as a blog host @ vvb32 reads
Books To Read (Yes my list changes every week)
1) Die For Me
2) Divergent
3) Wings
4) Betrayal
5) Everlasting
Starting on Thursday Half Price Books will have their 20% off everything Memorial Weekend Sale. I'm screwed, I will be taking my regular Half Price Run to 4 different locations. So my next IMM might be kinda really huge, I will try to be good and spend wisely, but I can't promise anything.

I have also extended my giveaway for a signed Blood Wyne book and awesome swag. With the sun shining in Washington I didn't really spend anytime on the computer (I have been very sun deprived) and the Sounders game on Saturday so I wasn't able to promote it as I wanted to. So the date has been extended to Wednesday night May 25th. Go enter @ My Bloody Awesome Giveaway 

What did you get this week?
Please leave a link to your IMM post



Jennifer A said...

Awwww! Yay to trying to get pregnant!

I was wondering why you had Die For Me again, LOL! That sounds like a great present!

All of those old books are so neat! They'll look so awesome sitting on your bookshelf, too.

Awesome wins! :)

Oh, and it looks like I'm not gonna be able to go to Seattle this summer. Bummer! I'm still excited to meet you at the Dark Days tour though! I can't wait.

Jennifer of Little Shelf

Kristina said...

@Jennifer I love old books! I'm trying to get as many copies of different things as I can.

Bummer on not coming up to Seattle, maybe you will come up one day for an awesome amazing book signing that is only is WA.
I can't wait for Dark Days, so far I still don't have anyone to come down with me. I might be making the trip by myself :(, but I am going not matter what, nothing is stopping me!!

Stella (Ex Libris) said...

Thanks for stopping by Kristina! :-)

Wow you got quite a few great books this week! I also love old books, love to wonder about their history, how many people through time ahve read them and I also love that old book smell (of course not the stink). And I loved pop-up books when I was a child! :-D

Good luck with your reading plans for this week!

Fiktshun said...

I love those old books and for only $5! You are so lucky! They're absolutely gorgeous. I had a really beautiful old copy of The Wizard of Oz when I was a child, but reading it so many times killed the spine. It might have been a first printing. By the time I was a teenager, the pages had dissolved. :(

Happy reading this week, you have quite a bit on your IMM! Enjoy G.P. Ching's book, it's quite amazing!