Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Random: Hiking & Para-Gliding

(A None Book Related Post)

Hiking and Para-Gliding

I wanted to tell about my day yesterday, it was so amazing. My sister and I decided to take a hike up to Poo-Poo Point (why is it called poo poo I have no idea,  I always thought it was Poo-Cou). The day was perfect Washington weather, it was a high of 85, but in the thick cool forest with a nice breeze it was the greatest. The hike itself was hard (I'm very out of shape) it was around 1.5 mile of fairly steep incline, I had to take a few water/rest breaks on the way up. This part took us around 45-50 minutes.

Our first major rest/food stop was at the lower level open area. From at spot you have a wonderful view of Mt. Rainer. The view was gorgeous. If you have ever read Kimberly Derting's The Body Finder and the character mentions being able to see the mountain on the clear day, it is true. Even though the mountain in there many days you can't even see it because of the cloud coverage and rain. When you can see the mountain it is a beautiful day.
After our little 10 minute break, we than headed up to the top point, where para-gliders take off from. That part wasn't too bad, it only took around 15 minutes.
 See the sign says Poo-Poo Point (it is kinda hard to see, if you can see it)
 Below you can see Issaquah and Lake Sammamish
A little flag was left on the top of the mountain. Showing some US spirit

Once we got to the top we were relaxing for a little bit and enjoying the sun and the breeze, it was actually a little chilly up on the top. I was hoping that I would get to see some of the para-gliders take off, I have seen them in the sky driving past this take off point. We were just hanging out and the para-gliders started coming up. We heard them asking another group that if they wanted to go para-gliding they could and for a discounted rate $75 vs $175. The four of them decided to and my sister and I started to discuss about trying it as well. We figured this was a once in a life time opportunity and as that rate, how could we pass it up! So we decided to go, but since the other group got asked first they all went first. We waited around 3.5 hours, each person took about 25-30 minutes in the air plus take off and land time. The wind had to be just right to take off and land, the landing sometimes took around 10 minutes. He "top landed" meaning he landed back up on the top of the mountain.

My sister went first and than I did. We both did some spins, which were a lot of fun. My sister got a little sick near the end, but she didn't drink enough water during our hike and we didn't plan on staying up there that long so our food just consisted of snacks (granola bars and fruit leather). I absolutely loved it, I could have stayed up there all day, seeing the beautiful scenery, I love Washington greenery, it is amazing. I wish I could have had my camera while up there and take some pictures. 
 My sister getting ready
 The instructor Todd and I, he wanted to take a picture of me because he said I looked like Demi Moore (which I have gotten that a few time, a shortened version)
 Showing me what to do when taking off
 Taking off
 I couldn't touch anymore, too short
 My sister  up in the air
 Look how high we got
Doing some spins, freaking awesome

Since I was the last person and he had to be done by 4:45 he dropped me off at the bottom and my sister had to hike down by herself. I'm so glad I don't get motion sickness or have any issues with heights. This was such an amazing experience and the instructor was awesome. All the other para-gliders kept saying that he is one of the best instructors, and I completely agree (even though I don't have any other experience).

A perfect day and an amazing random unexpected adventure.


Lynn Marie said...

How stinking fun!! You guys are lucky to have had such a great experience, definitely something I'd like to try one day!

Gleitschirmfliegen said...

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