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Memory's Wake Review

Memory's Wake

a culture of cravats and corsets, a troubled sixteen-year-old stands out in her t-shirt and torn jeans. She takes the name “Memory” because hers are stolen, and she’ll do anything to get them back. Lost in a world not her own, where magic and monstrous fairies are real, Memory has enough to handle just trying to stay alive.

Chased by wizard hunters, hunted by a dragon, stalked by a strange, handsome savage, despised by the fae and wanted by the king himself – everyone is after Memory, and she suspects it’s not just for her eye-catching outfit. Her forgotten past holds dangerous secrets that will change everything.

Memory will fight to get back to a family and home she can’t remember but desperately desires, even at the cost of new friendships and romances. On the run with no name and no memories, she thinks she has nothing left to lose. She couldn’t be more mistaken.

Memory's Wake is a dark fantasy suitable for older teens and adults who enjoy young adult fiction. 

What I Loved
The World
Selina created her own world filled with magic, wizards, dragons, faeries, princesses and thieves fraught with danger, peril and adventure. This world is every fantasy lovers dream world, it has a bit of every fantasy type that you love. I was instantly hooked from the first chapter when Memory appears in an unknown world with an unknown companion, no memories and being chased by men with swords controlling a dragon into troll caverns. Magic, fantasy and adventure...what more could you ask for in a book?
The world along with the characters Selina has created are fantastic. I loved each and every character presented in the book. The main character Memory (named because her lack of memories), Eloryn the pretty blond Memory first meets, the savage man that saves Memory a few times throughout the book and Roen the heroic thief.
Memory: She is a very fun character, even though she doesn't have any memories about herself she retains a smart, witty, tough-shit personality that is very admirable while being thrown in to a completely alien world. 
Eloryn: A princess she maybe, but she isn't your typical spoiled rotten brat princess. Eloryn has grown up in a world where you can only practice the most basic of magic, but she is by far more advanced and would be put to death for knowing what she does. Being in hiding has made her very leery of trusting people, even those who would help her. Even though she does swoon a few times and blush very easy she still puts up a great fight and keeps on trekking.
The Savage: I can't tell you much about him without spoiling any of the story. I really do love the illustrations Selina has done of him.
Roen: Our handsome thief turned guide/protector. I love the character that is charming and outwardly confident, but inside feels very little self-worth of himself and he is consistently berating his importance. Poor guy is so torn about what he feels and what he knows is impossible. 
The Bad Guy
Thayl: Of course I can't forget to talk about him. He is out to capture and/or kill the heir to the thrown, our beloved Eloryn. He is the murder of Eloryn's mother and other innocent people. A tyrant and manipulative, but to be fair he was once wronged and he messed things up horribly.

One Issue
The only issue I had with the book, is a few times I did get a little confused about which person the story was following. Since the story flipped through the different characters POV, I did get a little lost in transition, but I just reread the passage and I was fine and back on track and devouring the rest of the book. 

To all fantasy lovers, you must read this book. Also the physical book has over 40 illustrations done by Selina, she is my most favorite artist.

This is Selina Fenech debut self-publish book
Memory's Wake is book 1 in the trilogy.
The best copy you can get is directly from Selina signed and personalized (this is the copy that I plan on getting)
eBook (has no illustrations) 
Paperback (with illustrations not signed)
Hardback (with illustrations not signed)

*Note she has sale prices on all formats till July 30th So don't wait and get your copy today
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