Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bookography (15)


s a fun new way to share the beauty of books with photography. Take a picture with the book being the focus or inspiration and share the picture(s) you have created for the week.

Cold Kiss by Amy Garvey
Cold Kiss

I didn't do too much to this photo. I brightened it a little bit, cropped and straightened the photo.

A New Camera
I just got a new camera on Tuesday, a Canon 60D with a kit lens 18-135mm starter lens (I will replace this lens with I have the money). The picture was not shot with the new camera, I took that picture a few mornings ago when everything was frosty out and the sun was rising. I have only taken a few tester shots to figure out how to control the aperture, exposure, ISO and so forth. Keep an eye out on my flickr site, I will try and add more photos taken by my new camera there. 

If you would like to participate please do. I will try to post my Bookography post each week on Wednesdays. I would love if you would link back to my blog and share your own link in the comments.



Fiktshun said...

Oh you got the camera! Congratulations! I hope you take some amazing photos with it!

And I like Cold Kiss in the grass! :) Hope you have an amazing time taking photos with it and sharing those with us for bookography.

Kristina said...

@Fiktshun I am so excited to finally get my camera. I can't wait to get out and use it.

I was pretty happy how this turned out, at first I wasn't sure it was going to work. I'm so glad it did.

Moonlight Gleam said...

hehe! I loooove the photo you took! Congrats on the new camera! I'm thinking of buying the G12 soon :) Can't wait!!! :D

BookLuvr Mindy said...

That's a fabulous pic!!!

Kristina said...

@Moonlight Thanks, I was really happy with it when I brought it up on the computer. I hope you get a new camera. I my 1st step towards better cameras was one like that one, the camrea that I taken all my pictures with has been the Canon Powershot CS5 and it has been a good camera.

@Mindy Thanks, my favorite part it that you can see the sun rise colors.

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