Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Showing Gratitude for a Book

Giving Thanks to Books

Beth Revis asked the question: What book are YOU most grateful for?

My friend and I were just talking about this the other day, she knows I read a lot and love everything about books, but she was wondering what the 1st book that really got me reading. 

There were a few middle grade books that I loved like the Santa Paws, a unicorn book and parallel universes, but I can't remember the name it is in a box in the garage though, and The Egyptian Game are my most memorable youth books. But these books didn't completely start my drive and passion for books like it is today.

My 1st books was in 7th grade and my cousin told me I needed to read some Danielle Steel books, my grandma would pass them to my cousin and my cousin would pass them along to me. I started reading Star and that was the beginning of the love. I was so proud of myself when I read Star, it only took me 3 days to read and I stayed up until 3am to finish it. Being a much bigger book than I was use to that was a major accomplishment. I have probably read some where around 30 of her books, I stopped reading them by 10th grade and I haven't picked up one of her books since. They all started to meld together and now I can't even remember which titles I have read, some of them are much more memorable than other. I wouldn't mind rereading a few of my top favorites. 

After Steel I moved onto The Clan of the Cave Bear series, some high fantasy world book and than I eventually was lead to YA by a friend and paranormal romance when I needed some more mature characters.

An embarrassing story with Danielle Steel books
In school you had to read so many pages per semester and sometimes the teacher would check to make sure you had read the book and aren't lying about your reading pages. 

Well I was reading one of Steel's books in 9th grade and I was going to be quizzed on book. I realized that this huge sex scene that was 10 pages long had just happened. I was hoping and crossing my fingers that my teacher (mind you he is this creepy man that hits on younger girls, I think he was even fired because of it) wouldn't flip to that page. What happens he opens to that page and skims around and says "So the characters are very intimate" Oh my goodness I was mortified talking about this subject with this really creepy teacher. I think I just replied yeah and forced the questions to be lead else where. 

This might have possibly been an influence to move way from strictly romance books.

If you would also like to participate and give thanks to the book that started it all. Check out Beth Revis's blog and you can learn the details about how to participate and what you could win.

What book started it all for you?


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