Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ninemia Review


The ‘Antara’ had disappeared… or at least that’s how it seemed, until one night a terrible nightmare will overshadow Asteria’s dreams forever. Some lust for revenge, others hide vital secrets, demonic souls want to corrupt the Aster Island and the merfolk. Where the present unites with the past, where dreams pause to exist, the fight for survival begins. Is love strong enough to face the enemies? The infinite blue of the sea, a sweet song and an angelic soul will be their only hopes to keep their beloved ones alive. After the illustrated novel ‘Antara’, the second and final part of the story follows. A sequel which is going to move you and travel you to heavenly worlds.

What I Loved
A Fairytale
Even though this book is a sequel to Antara you could read it individually, it reads like a fairytale. In chapter 2 Antara's events are retold like a story and than you get to know the events that have unfolded for Asteria. I really loved how this book read, it was a short-long story but it completely felt like I was reading a fairytale. I got easily drawn in to the story and totally lost within the pages. There wasn't a lot of extra unnecessary drawn out drama, but the straight forward facts of this is what happened and how it happened. I would compare this story to the original version of Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid. Some of the names might get a little confusing if you haven't read Antara, but just pay attention to who is the bad guy and who are the good guys and you will be just fine. Beware this is a bit darker than Antara just like the classic fairytales are, bittersweet.
I am at a loss for words on how to describe the haunting beauty this book presents you without ruining your own journey of this new fairytale. Ninemia is my favorite story of the two, because of the very original fairytale-ish telling and feeling it provoked within me. 
Once again the pictures are very beautiful in this book. Marilena has an amazing talent, she can create beautifully with both words and pictures.

To read about what I thought about the mermaids and the characters, please check out my review of Antara.

What I Didn't Like
Once again, I would LOVE to have this book on my shelf. I would rather have an actually book, but the eBook will do just fine for now. I might just have to indulge one day and get a copy of it. 

I do recommend that you read both Antara and Ninemia, but I feel that you could read Ninemia all by itself. A must read for anyone who loves mermaids, fantasy and art. 

Antara Duology

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Aik said...

This book sounds great! Thanks for your thoughtful review. I love the cover, it's gorgeous!

Kris (Words That Fly) said...

Totally agree with Aik, it's a pretty cool cover. It would make me do a double take in a bookstore. I really like the idea that it reads like a fairytale, who doesn't love fairy tales?

Char said...

I haven't read many mermaid stories but this review definitely makes me want to check it out. Great job! :)

Kristin said...

I have never heard of this story before but it sounds like a good one. The cover has both a creepy and beautiful feel to it. I would be afraid if I looked down into the water and saw her staring up at me. LoL But she is beautiful.