Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bookography (10)


s a fun new way to share the beauty of books with photography. Take a picture with the book being the focus or inspiration and share the picture(s) you have created for the week.

Fallen by Lauren Kate

Unyielding Love

I couldn't choose between the two, I really like them both for different reasons. I think I am leaning slightly towards to bottom picture just because it is less busy with words, but on the other hand I do love seeing all the other words within the sweet paragraph. Which is your favorite?


I had my first photography class yesterday. It was all about seeing the great photo, how cropping can change the photo, subject, rules of three and such things. Next class we will be critiquing our own and each others photos.

If you would like to participate please do. I will try to post my Bookography post each week on Wednesdays. I would love if you would link back to my blog and share your own link in the comments.



Kristan said...

These pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I love them both. You're very talented!!!

Kristan @ Lost Amongst the Shelves

Kristina said...

@Kristan thanks I'm still learning how to take/make beautiful pictures. I was very happy how these both turned out, probably my best so far. Plus sparkly things always make a picture even more beautiful

Kristan said...

hahah I agree, the sparkle definitely helps =) and so does the book! Together though it makes a really beautiful photograph. I'm looking forward to seeing more bookography posts from you!

BookLuvr Mindy said...

Those are some amazing pics!

Kristina said...

@Kristan Thanks I am really enjoying that beautiful photos of book. I'm in the process of setting up a flickr site to put up all the other photos that I take for this class, those ones won't be book related. Ill end up linking it on my site when I get it all set up.

@Minda Thanks, taking pictures of books is beautiful!

Fiktshun said...

I love both pictures, but I think I like the darker one just a little bit more simply because it's more mysterious - shaded, set back. But you really have an eye for photography.

Now you just have to design a blog button so that I can spotlight you and these great weekly posts I love to stalk!

Kristina said...

@Fikshun Thanks I working on my eye. I need to get out and take some more pictures, but the weather isn't cooperating very well for me to practice.

I have one idea for a button, but I figure I can always start with something simple and get something even better later one just like you did with your pansy. I just need to sit down and figure out how to make it an actual grab and go button. Got some work to do.