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Smart Chicks Tour 2.0: Battle Plan

Smart Chicks Kick It 2.0 Tour
Battle Plan
Seattle, WA event
October 2nd 1-4pm

Kelley Armstrong, Melissa Marr, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Rachel Caine, Melissa de la Cruz, Nina Kirki Hoffman, Sophie Jordan, Richelle Mead, Jeri Smith-Ready, Margaret Stohl, Rachel Vincent and Sara Zarr

Yesterday I talked about
What books to eliminate and how hard that process was, I also still had a few things to figure out before I completely prepared my books. Book Prep

Needed to Figure Out 
1) If there will be a limit
2) How to carry my load of books

1) From Kelley Armstrong via Twitter: "Yes, it's usually books 3 per author 1st time thru line, but you can go thru 2nd time with "the rest" :)"

 So I prepared my book piles for this. I figured this was going to be the case since I had seen Mead make the comment about only doing 3 the 1st time through, this is how her signings usually go and her's are always crazy.

-I had to first figure the most important to have signed
-What was ok if it didn't get signed
-Which 3 to have signed first
On this paper I wrote down all the authors and books that I had of theirs
I than circled in sets of 3

 Front row contains the 1st sets to be signed
The back row is the extra set of books, Cruz and Armstrong are the most important of the 2nd sets
I would like Mead and Vincent's 2nd set signed, but I would be ok if I didn't get them signed

 This stack contains all the books/authors that I don't have a second round (excluding the Enthralled anthology, pictured on top)
*Note: I still haven't figured out how to get that one signed, either have those authors that I don't have a 3rd books sign or just wait for my second time through and get it signed in an orderly manner?

Signature Prep
Above and below pictures are setting up the books for signatures. I like speed and efficiency when going through huge lines like this. I know there will be a lot of people there waiting and I don't want to hold up the line because they need to ask how to spell my name. The authors names are for the hardback anthology, not sure how that one will be signed.

Putting the post it notes on the author title page

2) I'm going to use Fred Meyer's bag, they are pretty sturdy. I mostly have used them for book carrying to signings, I always forget to bring them into the store with me. 
*Note: I only had 1 bag so I went out and bought 2 more of the small sizes, not the huge one.

 Left Bag: is being titled as Bag 1
Right Bag: titled Bag 2
Bag 1 & 2 contain my 1st time through the line books

 Bag 3 contains the 2nd set of books
*Note: I decided to set aside the Caine books. I will bring them and leave in my car. To have them if I change my mind, but they are awkward small size and it makes them difficult to pack with convince.

 My bags are now all prepared, with Caine books in a plastic bag.

 This is probably how I might carry them into the facility and out of the facility. Other wise when I am in line I will probably just scoot them across the floor.

 This in the list and order (bottom - top) of what is in each bag. I will rewrite these on to post cards to put at the top of the bag. This will help me to remember which bag has which books, it will keep me organized and efficient (I hope). Carrying this many books will get confusing and I don't want to look like an idiot holding up the line while I am searching through my bags.
 Question I Still Have to Ask
(I plan on getting their early to get a decent seat)
How will the lines be formed? 
I want to know if it will be 1 humungous line for all 12 authors or if they will split it up.

This is what my battle plan is. I am prepared for tomorrow and looking forward to it so much. I will be getting to meet Jaime from Two Chicks on Books, her and her mom have made the trip to go to this weekends Bookfest.

I am kinda hoping for it too not be too crazy but I won't hold my breath. I even had a dream last night about waiting in lines.

I will probably be posting next week sometime when I recover about the event. Hopefully I will have some good pictures and stories to share with you.


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