Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bookography (12)


s a fun new way to share the beauty of books with photography. Take a picture with the book being the focus or inspiration and share the picture(s) you have created for the week.

Harvest Hunting by Yasmine Galenorn


I didn't do too much to this picture. Toned down some of the colors and did a little crop. I wish I could have added a knife to put into the picture to add the hunting part, but the only knives we have are kitchen knives and that wouldn't look good in the picture. I did have this set up on my counter like this for a few days waiting for the right light and setting.

If you would like to participate please do. I will try to post my Bookography post each week on Wednesdays. I would love if you would link back to my blog and share your own link in the comments.


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