Monday, January 23, 2012

Top 10 Tuesdays (8)

Top 10 Tuesdays
Topic: Freebie
Top 10 Authors I'm Dying to Meet

This meme is created by The Broke and the Bookish, anyone can participle telling about their top 10 topic items are.

I love meeting authors, it is one of my favorite things to do. I have already met a lot, but I want to meet more.

My List 
(in alphabetical order)
Sarah Addison Allen
I love all of her sweet magically touched southern books

Josephine Angelini
She was part of the dark days tour in the summer, but she wasn't at the OR stop and I really wish she was. I love her book and I hope I will get to meet her one day

PC Cast
I love her adult Goddess Summoning series. If she ever come near WA I will be there!

Kendra Leigh Castle
Love love love Kendra and all of her books, she is on of my favorite PR authors

Karsten Knight
I love  his vlogs and I think his signings would be so entertaining

Lesly Livingston
Love her series and I want to meet her

Tahereh Mafi
Love Shatter Me and I hope that I will be able to meet her one day

 Stephanie Meyer
I will never be able to meet her, but I would love too

JK Rowling 
This is one that will never happen, but I how cool would that be if I could

Gena Showalter
Love her books as well, I have a friend that would take a trip with me to go and see her.

 In all actually I would like to meet every author and I go to every signing that I can.

I have two tab pages dedicated to events, one tab Signing Event that is the list of events I will and have attended. The other is Event Recaps, the events I have attended and have written a post about it.

What is your Freebie list this week?
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Jana said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! This is a great list! I'd also love to meet Stephenie Meyer... and I've talked to Tahereh Mafi, and she's hilarious. I'd love to meet her! I actually could meet Stephenie... she's from here.

- Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl (and The Broke and The Bookish)

Cathy Keaton said...

I agree with wanting to meet Karsten Knight and J.K. Rowling. He is such a funny guy, and she is just a super interesting celebrity. I want to study her!

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comments. I really appreciate them.

Unknown said...

Thansk for stopping by my blog. That's a great list although I've never met anyone personally, I'm hoping to go to BEA this year cross fingers and maybe I'll run into someone.

Magan @ Rather Be Reading said...

Such a great list! Love your idea for freebie week! I would love to meet more authors, too. I always feel SO NERVOUS though...not sure why.

Thank you so much for your comment on my post. I really appreciate it! :)

We Need Reads said...

thanks so much for stopping by! awesome theme. I have never met any authors, so really anyone would do! haha


Alyssa said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!! This is such a good idea for a list! I would die if I met JK Rowling I think, seriously just keel over. I also want to meet Juliet Marillier, Laurell K. Hamilton and Isaac Marion...and basically so many others because I have met NONE!! Maybe this year at BEA! :]

Anne@HeadFullofBooks said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I thought that this top ten was historical fiction. Ha! I didn't realize it was free choice. Love it.

Amber (Books of Amber) said...

I've only ever met one author, and he wasn't very well known. He came to my school once. I *ALMOST* met JK Rowling! I was at the HP6 premiere in London, and she was a few metres away from me. She's beautiful <3 Unfortunately she didn't have time to chat or sign my book.

Love your list!

Claire said...

Awesome list! I'd love to meet Gena Showalter and PC Cast too, plus JK Rowling. So many great authors.

Thanks for stopping by Project to be Read :)

Erin said...

I haven't gotten to meet any authors. I would LOVE to start going to signings and meet some of these people how write such wonderful books! :) This is a great list. J.K. Rowling is toward the top of my list as well, and I'd love to meet Tahereh Mafi.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

Willa said...

What a fantastic list! I would looooove to meet JK Rowling. And Alice Sebold and Martin Amis and Tabitha Suzuma :-) Follower by the way :-)