Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bookography (33)


Bookography is a fun new way to share the beauty of books with photography. Take a picture with the book being the focus or inspiration and share the picture(s) you have created for the week.

My Reading Chairs
 Left & Right
These chairs are for reading in the evening (or when I need the lights on) and when I want to curl up with a cup of hot cocoa. I use the cushy pillows to prop up my books while reading.

I sit in this chair when I want to have natural lighting for reading.

PS These are the most comfy chairs and sofa ever!

If you would like to participate please do. I will post my Bookography post each week on Wednesdays. I would love if you would link back to my blog and share your own link in the comments.

To see my previous weeks pictures check out my Bookography tab 


Kristan said...

Oh my gahhh those chairs look so comfortable. I could seriously snuggle up in those pillows with a book FOREVER. Also love the fact that you have different spots for the different light. Very convenient.

Kristan @ Lost Amongst the Shelves

Alba said...

Those chairs look so fluffy!!! Like the one pillow I use to showcase my books on my facebook page >.<
though mine is really...PINK...
I'll have to make next week's bookography a picture of it!
AND reading beside that bookshelf?????? I think you're in heaven!! Even thinking about the light!!!
I seriously feel so frustrated right now!! I need a place to read...urgently! T-T

here's mine!!
Finally figured out what to put!

Fiktshun said...

Oh my gosh they ARE comfy chairs! And I totally would have posted my pic of my sad, lonely chair if I had gotten off work before the lighting in my apartment got so bad that photos would have looked awful! :(

And I love your super organized bookshelf! :)

Yes, i'm jealous of your chairs! I'd never stop reading if I had chairs like that.

BookLuvr Mindy said...

Wow! Those pics could be in a magazine!!! I totally want one of your chairs! I think I'll have to move to Seattle so I can read in your chair!!! LoL

Two Chicks On Books said...

WOW!!! I am so reading spot envious!! Those chairs look super comfy and what a great looking corner. Totally jealous. lol. I have something to strive for :)


Jasmine Pearson said...

soooo cute!!! where can i get those chairs?