Saturday, March 10, 2012

Patricia Briggs & Kim Harrison Event

Patricia Briggs
Kim Harrison

Book Signing
March 7th 7PM
University of Washington Bookstore

The event was streamed live so I won't be putting any Q&A answers on this page, plus I kept getting distracted because some people were rude and talking next to me. Instead I'm going to just show the photos that I took at the event.
 Patricia Briggs reading

 Introducing Kim Harrison 

 I missed her little happy dance she did, I just got the tail end of it

 The two lovely ladies at the signing table 

Kim and Patricia signing everyone's books
The signing line took a total of 2 hours, how do I know that I was at the very end. Since I had more than 2 books I just decided to wait till the very end and only stand in line once.

 I got my picture with Kim and Patricia

This was my 3rd time going to a Briggs event and my 1st time meeting Harrison

Have you meet either of these two lovely ladies?

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Alba said...

lucky for getting all these signings!