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The Marked Review

The Marked

Dancia’s back at Delcroix, but this year, everything’s different. Dancia’s Talented, and her powers have earned her an invitation to join Delcroix’s real raison d’etre –the Program. Dancia’s wanted to use her powers to help people all her life — and now Delcroix is going to give her the training she needs to use her Talent for good. At least…that’s what the school saysshe’ll learn to do with her powers. Her cuter-than-cute boyfriend Cam insists that it’s true, and so do all the other students. But there’s still a little voice inside her head that wonders — if the Program’s so great, why did her almost-only-a-friend- Jack run away rather than join? And why would the school be getting attacked by angry ex-students? Dancia’s a loyal student…and a loyal girlfriend. But if finding out what’s really going on means talking to Jack, well — it’s a risk she just might have to take.

What I Liked
Dancia finally gets to learn how to use her powers to help rather than to hurt people. They trick her and push and push her beyond her comfort zone. With the hard pushing Dancia questions, what is really going on, are they trying to break her to give them a reason to destroy her very powerful talent or trying to harvest it?
Cam: In book one I liked Cam, but at the same time I was scared to like him because I didn't know if he would end up breaking Dancia's heart and I didn't want that for her at all. In this book we get to learn so much more about Cam and now I completely trust and adore him. I still miss Jack, but Cam is wonderful for Dancia.
Trust Issues
Dancia still doesn't trust everything about the Program, she believes in their mission, but things that are happening aren't adding up. Lies and half truths are still being told to Dancia and she won't be passive and let that happen, she is going to find out what is going on no matter what, good girl. 
Lots of great drama happening throughout the entire book, more questions are being posed and even faithful Cam is starting to question things. Practice fighting that turns very serious and dangerous. Never a dull moment in this book.
Didn't Like
The ending killed me, once again we have the question "What about Jack?" I still care about him, but I want to know what is going to happen to him.

Got to read this superpowers academy book, 2nd book in the series

April 3rd 2012

The Delcroix Academy
genre: YA paranormal
The Candidates/Talents
The Marked April 3rd 2012
Bk 3 working on but not on contract
What type of talent would you have?


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